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I am a new user of mac and I have a problem to connect my Hitachi camera HDD (connecting USB) with my new i Mac 7,1.

When I have connected the USB plug nothing happened on the i movie application but in an another way, I can see that the camera is connected to the computer because I see the sign "HDD hitachi" on the display of the computer.

Can you give me some advices about this problem.
Thank you for your help

I MAC 7,1, Mac OS X (10.5), Leopard
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    Which Hitachi do you own? I have a DZ-HS501 DVD-HDD. It is recognised by my MacBook also. When using the HDD or a DVD-RAM nothing happens when launching iMovie 7.1.
    However, if I dub (write) the scenes with the camcorder to a 8 cm DVD-R and finish that DVD-R the scenes can be imported into iMovie 7.1. First I connect the camcorder, when it is visible on the desktop I launch iMovie and the importing starts after a few moments.
    The software supplied with the camcorder is Pixela Image Mixer 3 for Mac that allows to import files from HDD or DVD-RAM, combine etc, but it is not an editing program.