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I have an Apple Power Mac G5 Dual Processor model M9747LL/A (Early 2005) which fails the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) v2.5 with the Logic Board error code "2SVM/1/2: CPU B AD74717 AD3". This appears to be a problem with the thermal module voltmeter sensor for CPU B.

The problem is, this machine is working just fine. The fans don't run abnormally and everything works. It could be that this failure is real and will eventually lead to other failures later, but I did find another thread in this forum where a user of the same system that had the exact same problem that turned to be a bad copy of the Apple Hardware Test DVD:


This user was given another copy of AHT that worked fine.

I have already reset the NVRAM, PRAM and SMU -- all with no effect. Like the instructions on AHT said, I have removed all peripherals and run the test again, also with no effect.

This machine is not under AppleCare and Apple was not all that helpful on the phone. They referred me to an Apple store, where I was told that replacing the CPU would cost "$500 or $600 plus labor", but they did not even write down the error code or check anything specific to my machine.

Does anyone know if there is some way to confirm this is an actual hardware error, as opposed to just some problem with the version of AHT I have?

I could really use some help from the forum members...



Power Mac G5 2.0 Dual (Early 2005), Mac OS X (10.4)