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I've been trying to install leopard, but when I restart my computer to begin the installation process, the CD is ejected and my computer shows he flashing yellow folder with an exclamation mark. Any ideas on what's happening?

Thank you!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Do you have a TechTool eDrive on your hard drive? Or does your hard drive have more than one partition?
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    I'm sorry, I don't really know, but I don't think so.... I haven't done anything to the computer since I got it when the macbook first came out, other than install my own RAM.
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    The first thing to do is boot from the software CD that came with your computer. Insert the computer's original software CD, restart and hold down the "C" key, and then run Disk Utility, choose the First Aid tab, select your computer's hard drive ("Macintosh HD") and click Repair Disk. If any errors are reported, click Repair Disk again and repeat until no errors are reported.

    Since you installed your own RAM, when you choose About This Mac from the Apple menu does the window that appears display the correct amount of RAM? (Actually, check this before restarting from your computer's software CD.)
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    I'm now on my 6th different Mac installation of Leopard and the Intel iMac 20" that I was installing on kept ejecting the disc. No matter whether I selected the restart from the disc, set the startup to be the disc, or held the "c" key down, the disc would eject.

    In the Mac world there's a little known trick that if you hold down your mouse button while booting, any removable disc that's still in the computer will be ejected.

    Knowing that, I unplugged a USB hub from the iMac (Dymo Labelwriter, MS Wireless Mouse, Epson Scanner) and also swapped out the Kensington keyboard for the standard Apple Keyboard. I also plugged in a basic Microsoft 2 button mouse (instead of the wireless).

    Sure enough the iMac was able to boot off of the disc without it being ejected. I didn't take the time to try to figure out what USB device might have caused the eject behavior, but the result was certainly satisfactory.