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I've got a two pronged problem in that iTunes and QuickTime will no longer work at all on my XP Pro based PC. Nothing has changed, there have been no OS upgrades, no additional elements to cause any problems, it's just that these two programs have stopped functioning.

I've removed them both as per the instructions on the tech support website, reinstalled, downgraded, upgraded etc. and nothing works.

I was using QuickTime Pro, which was all paid for, but everything has stopped working totally and now I have a useless 4th gen iPod here too as I can't sync it to my PC and update it...

Does anyone know the sure fire way to completely remove ANY trace of iTunes and QuickTime from a PC so that I can try a 100% clean install...

AMD Athlon, Windows XP Pro
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    I have the exact same problem. I used the 'windows install cleanup' program to completely remove all apple programs and started again but still the same problem. From checking the various forums this seems to be a common problem. What are Apple doing about it - absolutely nothing by the sound of it!
    Try a clean install for yourself. Link to the windows install cleanup program
    Let me know how you get on.
    My particular problem seems to have stemmed from when I loaded the last update from Itunes.
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    I've used that before I think, it didn't work...
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    I had the same problem with iTunes on Vista. I don't know about Quicktime, but here's what I did to fix iTunes.

    Go into Windows explorer, and nagivate to the music > iTunes folder. Delete all files in this folder. Of course, backup your music first. Now open iTunes. I was able to get iTunes working again doing just this. I tried un-installing and re-installing iTunes and that did not fix the problem.

    BTW, I replaced the iTunes music folder with my saved copy, and iTunes would not recognize the songs. I had to manually load each one into iTunes.