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can someone please help me. i am trying to create a tempo with the beat mapping function. am i supposed to add the markers by hand? what on earth does beats from region do? I really cannot figure this **** thing out. should i analyze the file first? how does it work? what is the final result? why dont the markers coincide with the markers on the origional tempo. does anyone know where i can go to get a decent answer to these questions?

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    I'm pretty sure the Logic manual gives a load of advice in using this, but....

    Select the track you want to beat map to. Open the beat mapping global track. Press the analyze button, and set the sensitivity so that only the main beats are used. Then TRY beats from region. This rarely works that well, but it's worth a try. If this doesn't result in a decent tempo map, which it often doesn't the easiest way to do it is to record in a click using a software instrument along side the beat, then use that to trigger the tempo map instead as it's WAY more accurate with MIDI.
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    I hate the way the beat mapping works. Not wort using.
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    Are you trying to make a tempo map to a specific piece of audio that is already in the arrange page? If so beat mapping is extremely helpful tool - you need to tap in from a midi device ( eg keyboard) a note for each beat of the bar for the whole song. So say your audio is in 4/4 you select a midi drum sound, switch of the Logic metronome and record a set of midi beats playing them in from the keyboard.

    Make sure that you have played them in accurately by looking in the Piano Roll editor. ( All the tracks .. midi and original audio must start right at 00.00 or extreme left hand side of the Arrange page)

    Once you are sure you have an accurate tempo map, then use the Beat Map function having first selected the region which is your midi template that you have just recorded.

    When you click Analyse, it will look to those beats you have recorded in midi and Logic's metronome will then conform to what you have played

    It is a really useful great function.. especially if you are into scoring
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    I really like it, and it's saved my bacon a few times. Definitely worth using when you need to...