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I'm unable to logout. It says "Mail is cancelling logout, quit Mail then logout. I try to quit Mail and it won't quit. There seems to be no "forced quit" like there used to be. A Google search lead me to some page near here which said "Boot from Installation CD" and run something to fix the permissions. However, if I can't shutdown, I can't boot from a CD can I? Catch 22. Suggestions?

iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    There are 5 ways to force quit.
    1. Locate the program you want to quit in the dock and hold down on the option key while you hold down on the mouse button with the arrow on the dock icon. A window will appear with Force Quit.
    2. Choose Force Quit from the apple menu.
    3. Open Activity Monitor and quit the process for the program.
    4. Hold in on the power button until it shuts down.
    5. Pull the plug.
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    Okay, the force quit from the apple menu did the trick I think, since I actually haven't logged out yet since I'm in Safari for this stuff. There used to be forced quit as a right mouse button on the tool bar, but I guess I missed it before.

    Pulling the plug or turning off the machine I think are bad solutions, but the others were good. Thanks.
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    I agree but if the machine becomes unresponsive and your power button is faulty then pulling the plug may be your only option.