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Could anyone offer a definitive list of what does correctly synchronise with Palm devices using iSync on Leopard?

Dual-core G5 2Ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 1.5GB RAM
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    The only thing that has worked for me is purchasing Missing Sync.
    It took a few attempts but after I finally got rid of the Hot Sync manager and all the old conduits and disable iSync, I finally got all my files synched. The sync does take longer than iSync or HotSync but it seems to work and I haven't lost data. Seems a shame to spend $40 but my frustrations are over!
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    I dont think purchasing Missing Sync will be the solution; myself, I have a pocketPC (HTC Touch) with which I am not able to synchronize iCal using Missing Sync. Errors with syncing seems to be a known problem since the launch of Leopard, even when using Missing Sync.

    Thus, totally agreed with NHH: as long as Apple is not able to provide a perfect syncing mechanism, the least they can do is to give a list with handhelds that DO work with their software.
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    I thought that Missing Sync does not play well with Leopard. Is that true?
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    The general answer to your question is that the current version of Missing Sync works fine with Leopard. The specific answer, and whether that general answer actually matters to you, really depends, however, on what it is that you are trying to sync with what.

    I am a long time Entourage and Treo user. With Tiger and Entourage 2004, Missing Sync functioned between my Powerbook and my Treo in a faultless and seamless way. It was a poster child for the kind of computing experience we would all like to have everyday. With Leopard and Entourage 2008, everything is a complete mess. Microsoft has abandoned the Entourage conduit in Entourage 2008 and now relies entirely on Mac's Sync Services engine. Mac's Sync Services engine has been a disaster for years and everyone knows it. And so it goes.....

    You cannot any longer sync Entourage to a Treo using Missing Sync or anything else, not because Missing Sync doesn't work with Leopard, but because of problems with Mac's Sync Services engine. If you have any other configuration, you may get a different result. Or not. Good luck.
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    how did you do it exactly? I just purchased Missing Sync after pulling my hair out trying to get iSync to work, just to find out that my iCal and Events still don't sync right, and I have my doubts about my address book syncing. I'm a little frustrated. many posts said that missing sync would be the end of my problems. Please say it is so!
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    Sorry. Missing Sync uses the iSync engine and, until Apple fixes it to function reliably, the whole process of syncing a Mac to a handheld device is going to be problematic at best, impossible at worst, regardless of whether you are using Missing Sync or not. Incidentally, I've already installed 10.5.2 and there's no joy there, so it looks like we've got a bit of a wait ahead of us.
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    is it complicated to use? i want to sync my treo 700P w/ my leopard macbook and leopard imac (all of which perfectly when one of my computers was tiger, but i went ahead and upgraded the older one to leopard, and well, you know the rest).... palm told me to buy missing sync. was it really that hard to get it to work?
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    I have jumped through the hoops to get my treo 700p to sync w/ my macbook pro leopard setup and it won't.
    There is no where to go but to think that it is a thinly veiled way to get folks to move over to the iphones.
    I am returning my macbook on monday after using it for 1 month. After paying top dollar for this system I don't feel I should give apple the money to make a non-backwards compatible isync.

    As of now I have to sync on my old powerbook w/ 10.4? then do a sync to .mac and then sync this laptop w/ 10.5.2.

    Not elegant or worth the hassle.

    Try again apple.
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    NO, you still can't sync Palm to Leopard with Missing Sync! I just got a new Palm Centro, and got Missing Sync, and have Leopard. Mark/Space says it will work, but that is not true. I tried everything they suggested, and it will NOT work. Nothing syncs between the mac and the Palm Centro. This is as of May 13, 2008. Mark/Space says to turn off all syncs and try them one by one, to see if any will work. None will work properly.
    Apple is responsible for all of this because of what they did to disable the syncing features of ical and address book in Leopard. Apple made sure that NO smartphone will sync except their $600. iPhone. Isn't it amazing how most smartphones would sync perfectly with macs, until Apple wanted to sell "their" iphone? Apple tries to deny it, but refuses to undo the change they made in Leopard.
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    Jefferis Peterson Level 2 Level 2 (325 points)
    Have you tried the MarkSpace beta?
    -Support Palm Centro models
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    Scott Squires1 Level 3 Level 3 (910 points)
    I was using Missing Sync and a Treo 600 on Leopard. I synced to the Palm desktop since I preferred that to iCal/Address book but have since gone on to the iPhone.
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    Jefferis Peterson Level 2 Level 2 (325 points)
    I got a Palm Centro with Sprint and using MarkSpace I was able to sync my phone via USB (it's bluetooth capable, but my G5 is not -- is there a USB to Bluetooth plugin? I have Airport installed).

    Biggest problem was reducing the number of people I actually wanted on my phone to a manageable number. I started by trying to use Entourage, but the sync conduits only allow you to sync all or sync 1 group. So I had to create groups in Address Book and select them. That worked well.