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Simple question. I have a macbook and an HDTV. If I connect my macbook to my HDTV via the mini DVI- VGA adapter will my macbook upconvert a dvd movie to the native resolution of my TV? And if it will, do I have to mess with the DVD Player application?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    You set that up yourself in display preferences. Then when you play a dvd you can pick which screen you want to play it on.

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    Same issue on a macbook as well, only it looks bad. After putting my macbook in 2nd monitor mode (mini-DVI to HDMI) and screen res/HDTV in 1080, the dvds look awful full screen. I would imagine that it is because the macbook is not upconverting the SD DVD video. The computer screens/apps look great. But when you go to a SD DVD with DVD Player, it get pixelated because it is not upconverting the 480 SD video. Does Mac have a way to truly upconvert SD DVD's for HD sets?
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    I have a 32" RCA flatscreen with a VGA input. I hooked up my Mac Mini to it to see how it would look. It's fantastic. I'm not knowledgeable enough about the technicalilites of HD and "upscaling" and "overscanning", etc, etc. All I know is that when I watch a DVD through the Mac Mini and the VGA port instead of through my regular DVD player, the picture is outstanding.

    Furthermore, when I rip a DVD and convert it to a 700MB xvid file, the picture STILL looks fantastic. There are compression artifacts in the darker colours, and I compress the audio track to a 96 MP3 in stereo (I have no need for 5.1 Dolby) but those are the only two flaws I've ever noticed.