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Hi -- for some reason, my HP 2355 (all-in-one) stopped printing via Airport Extreme. The printer hangs at "connecting to printer" then gives a quick error message "cannot connect to printer". I've connected directly to the printer via USB, but have to go through the "add printer" in order for it to print.

I've reinstalled the HP software from the CD, but cannot find the actual driver that gives all of the
This was working fine for the last couple of months.... does anyone have any suggestions?

*Is there a way to get the drivers 10.5 installed from the install disk? This is a "cpu drop-in dvd" install cd that I got with my macbook pro.


macBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    I am struggling with the same problem with my HP2355. I was in touch with HP support with a Mac expert. He told me that there are no driver updates available for this all in one product and he told me to look for an open source driver (sic!). My all-in one is printing and copying, but he doesn't make a scan since I upgraded my Macbook Pro to Leopard. The only thing I (you?) can do is waiting for versiontracker to come up with an open source driver. PC people (Vista) had the same problem, it is a small consolation, but I bought yesterday a Canon (inktjet printer) instead of a HP. HP for sure knows how to retain customers. good luck Gerard.