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  • 255. Re: A word from Apple...
    pillamonster Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just downloaded the trial version of Aperture 2.0 - it (along with Leopard upgrade 10.5.2) works seamlessly with my D300 RAW NEFs. Thank you Apple for finally fixing this problem!
  • 256. Re: anomalous yellow highlights
    DonLand Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)
    Well AP 2 solved the issue while using the 2.0 decoding. If you use the 1.1, the yellow is still there.
  • 257. Re: anomalous yellow highlights
    Gregory Rivers Level 2 Level 2 (450 points)
    that makes sense. it also proves that they have a new decoder engine.

    I wonder how much of Aperture was rewritten from scratch?
  • 258. Re: anomalous yellow highlights
    DonLand Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)
    Yea, but what is crazy is how long it took to fix. The 1DMkIII was fine in 10.4.10 and then went bad in 10.4.11 and stayed that way all the way through 10.5.2 and was only corrected in AP 2.0. Well at least it's been fixed.
  • 259. Re: A word from Apple...
    Nocki.u.Yogie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Even in Aperture 2 - the Camera Owner field leaves empty - Camera Owner is a standard field to EXIF and not a specific field used by appropriate camera companies!

    I'm disappointed that Aperture 2 still does not support 100% EXIF standards!


  • 260. Re: A word from Apple...
    JonasLondon Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)
    Guys, "Camera owner" - Aperture is a single-user application, how many different camera owners do you need to manage?

    BUT much more importantly: T H A N K Y O U A P P L E for a fantastic Aperture 2 release at a superb price point! Update is ordered. Demo looks amazing. Reading through the features list I am ticking off just about every "photographer wish-list" addition of the last year. It took you a long time, granted, and delayed camera compatibility is annoying to say the least, but this plug in architechture will soon bring the "flip image", "negative image", all sorts of Plugin-Things into Aperture. Aperture could be the "Photoshop for Photographers" solution par excellence with release 3. I posted this somewhere when Aperture 1.1 was out, but never mind

    Now for that Mac Pro... no more excuse not to order it. Logic's arriving soon too...
    Sorry bank account...
  • 261. Re: A word from Apple...
    gbeberman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I know I'm late chiming here. But, I have to agree with the frustration about about Apple's slow turnaround on camera support. Our primary digital format is Phase One's P25+. Lightroom has offered Phase One support since at least 6/07.

    We won't be converting until we see Phase One support.
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