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I downloaded an ebook into my MacBook; the next step will be to find a workaround (at least until the next software upgrade) that'll let me put it into the iPod Touch so I can use it as a reader without having to find a wifi spot and buy an expensive cup of coffee.

I'm considering putting a chapter a day into the Calendar app, since I can sync the calendar with the MacBook. I haven't figured out exactly how to do it yet.

The Notepad would seem a cleaner venue, but confidentially, it syncs not, which *****. Unless there's a way to get it to mail in like it mails out.

Any ideas, anyone?


MacBook 1,1 Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Since you mentioned Notes you must have the Jan software apps. Can you mail it to your mail account as a pdf or a Word document?
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    Yes - and I just did. But of course I'm home with my Airport sending out its signal. What will happen when I venture out into the "real" world, away from wifi? Will the book stay inside the iPod mail app and be readable, say, at a marina or friendly (but wifiless) pub? I kinda doubt it, though I'm willing to go out for a brew to give it a try.

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    Hope this gets a lot easier after June, but for now, my Windows work-around is to actually paste the chapters or sections of your books, articles, etc. (needs to be about 1meg or less) into MS Word and then copy/paste from there into the "body" of an Outlook email you send to yourself (suggest setting up a separate email account for "books@" or "touch@" to keep them separate from your other regular email) - don't try doing it as an "attachment" - you will be able to open and read those "only" while your Touch is connected to your email on-line - by cutting and pasting the text into the email body you will be able to (1) receive the email in your in-box, and then (2) move that email out of the inbox and into a "sent" box that you will have to create if you don't already have one, where you will then be able to open and read it off-line, with very nice margins already formatted for you in Outlook, so you won't have to "shift around" to read.....Books have to be "split" into about 1meg text "chunks" or they will crash Safari when you try to read them.........only other problem is no bookmarking, so you either have to read the entire text at one reading, or be prepared to do a lot of scrolling to "find" where you left off if you close out Mail for any reason..........there seem to be a lot of folks wanting to read ebooks on their iPhone or Touch, so I'm guessing there will be some nice apps with full bookmarking & other features once the App store opens........this is the only "offline" solution I've been able to find that will work, and it's pretty clunky, but does the job.......also doesn't work with some DRM'd books where you can't cut and paste the text.....hope this helps you.
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    i just switched from a palm tx to the ipod touch, and the only thing i am missing from the tx is ereader...hope this will def happen for the touch in june.

    for now, am reading, um, paper books (a strange experience...)...
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    This worksfor now: http://tinyurl.com/2c22b2.

    You can read books offline, but it doesn't have bookmarks. Perhaps SDK will entice eReader to join us.
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    I was a bit worried when I saw "Windows" in your msg, but the basic idea looked promising, putting it into a "Sent" box to be read offline. However, in practice it seems to have worked out even easier! I sent myself the whole book (a short one, 600KB; but more on that later) as a PDF attachment, and lo and behold as they say, when I clicked on the Mail app offline, and clicked on the msg, and double-clicked on the attachment, there I was looking at the whole book, without ever having sent it to Sent.

    A few caveats: you can't simply go directly to the page you left; if you were on pg 120, you have to scroll there from the cover. And of course no bookmarks; and I hadn't realized how much I missed the Find command, or Copy and Paste, until I didn't have it any more. Still, how nice not to have to give up reading just because I'm on the road!


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    Thanks for the neat website - I just read a Doctorow SF short story I really liked about a 3D printer and an ex-con; I'm inspired to try my hand at publishing his way, to see if my own stuff will fly.

    I wasn't able to access offline the book I uploaded to Scrollbox, however. Online, no problem; and I got it on the iPod and left the house, hopeful that when I got where I was going, it would reopen where I left off (which an emailed msg does NOT do, more's the pity). At the dentist's office, I either knew his password or I was out of luck. Back at home, no problem.

    I'll try Scrollbox again, if only because I like the site when there IS wifi. But when there isn't, the best workaround I've seen so far is to mail myself a PDF or, perhaps better, a copied/pasted excerpt with fewer pages to scroll through (getting to page 100 by scrolling is not for readers suffering from withdrawal).


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    richman, sorry about the Windows-only solution - I'm just one more replacement away from a Mac, but still suffering under the MS yoke (as my son would probably put it).....if you're using a Mac, the email formatting is most likely allowing you to read the pdf off-line in the regular inbox, so that's great - wonder if that would also work with another type of txt format as well ?.........I'm sure there are a number of web apps that will do this much more smoothly, but I just can't bring myself to use them since I spend so much time away from wifi and it would be frustrating....I also migrated to the Touch from a Palm (LifeDrive), and was really conflicted about trying to move over until the January updates and then the SDK announcement made me a believer - if we can get onboard ebooks, Epocrates and (please, please) wireless downloads & sync sometime later in the year, I'll probably switch my vote to Jobs for President.....
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    No problem, Charlie - Since the pdf format seems to work so well, I'm thinking I'll use it when on trips to list free wifi sites in towns I'll be visiting (it's hard to find a wifi site when you need wifi to find it). Also good pubs up and down the California coast, whether or not they have wifi.