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    PAHU Level 6 Level 6 (14,520 points)

    The way that I read Aaron's situation was that he had a job that was not printing, due to the printer not being connected/present, and this was using up resources. Deleting the rogue print job resolved his problem - so it is not a fix for everyone, just for him.

    The thing that concerns me about this one is some of the causes of the high usage. It is not unusual for an application to use whatever resources are available to complete a task. And I believe that if you checked the CPU usage when 99% was showing, that a % of this is used by the application, the Print Job Manager in this case, and the remaining % is idle, meaning that the CPU is available for calls from other applications. This is how a computer should manage its usage.

    But if the % of User is 99% when the job is not cleared from the spool queue, then this doesn't sound correct. In my testing I have not seen the print job manager get close to 99%, even when the printer is out of paper. So to me this sounds like something is wrong. Note that the print job manager is part of the core printing system (CUPS). It is not installed by the vendor driver, although it often interacts with the driver. It is mainly responsible for getting the print data from the application to the printer, by selecting appropriate filters, I/O modules, etc.

    While I believe this is not just a Canon issue, as someone with a HP has also replied, it does seem that Canon owners have the most replies. So I think the best way for those of you that have this issue, to determine if it is a fault of the Canon driver or something more generic, is to install one of the Gutenprint drivers and use this to print to your Canon printer. If using this driver doesn't cause high CPU usage for the same conditions, such as paper-out or closed doors, then you have proven that there is something wrong with the Canon driver installation and you should report this to your local Canon support.

    PaHu - Long time Canon user
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    jcemm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    i have an HP photosmart 8450 that my daughter queued up a bunch of print jobs to. it had no paper and so the jobs just sat there. the PrintJobMgr positively ate up my cpu so it is not a Canon problem.
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    Joshua Young1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Still having this issue with 100% usage while printing. Is there any way to mark this thread "unanswered" or should we start a new thread?
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    BDAqua Level 10 Level 10 (116,480 points)
    You need to start a new one!
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    Well the earlier post mentioning the Reset printing system option worked for me. However, it's now hidden in Leopard. In Tiger it was indeed in /Applications/Utilities/Printer Setup Utility. But in Leopard you need to open the Printer & Fax preference pane and then Control click on your printer to get a pop-up with "Reset printing system..." option.

    I too have a Canon printer (IP4000) and had this problem show up after installing Bonjour for Windows under Parallels and tried unsuccessfully to print from a Windows app. Even after deleting the print job from the Canon utility and restarting the PrintJobMgr continued to use up 100% of one of my four CPU's in my Mac Pro.

    When I "Reset printing system..." as above, it was fixed for me.
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    Rolf Pechukas Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    I have been dealing w/ runaway fan for a couple weeks - THANKS to Aaron - his fix was correct - opened System Prefs > Print/FAX > Print Queue and deleted the offending job - MY fan took about 90 sec to cycle all the way down, but it did - thanks again to all - now if I could only figure out why the AirPort doesn't work anymore...
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    Here's the confusion:

    The Problem: While printing, the processor using 99-100% of the CPU. (This is a problem because it causes the fans to ramp up and the computer to get hot. When printing 100 pages, the machine becomes hot to the touch and sounds like it's a rocket ship.)

    Proposed Solution 1: People are assuming that the processor is ALWAYS using 100% of the CPU. The solution proposed is to get rid of jammed print jobs by resetting the print system or deleting the print jobs. This solution works for the ALWAYS 100% problem, but that is NOT the problem here.

    Proposed Solution 2: People think that the computer SHOULD use 100% of the CPU while printing, reasoning that the system is just making good use of its resources. This is FALSE. I can run Windows XP on the same machine, and print the same document faster with much LESS processor usage (typically about 5% or less). Clearly, the Mac system is using more resources than it should.

    The REAL solution: This is the solution I want: Let me print a document to a Canon printer and use just the CPU cycles needed to print (which should be VERY small -- under 5%) while running Mac OS X.
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    Peter Payne Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    YES! You guys are great, thanks for solving this for me. I found an accidentally-installed printer that had a bunch of active print jobs that my wife had forgotten about. They weren't showing in the dock so I had to access the Printer control panel to find them. Now they're deleted and all is well!
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