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I was watching a movie on my iPod the other evening and got 12 minutes in when it just stopped and I had to reset.

Now when ever I go to play any of the movies or music videos ot hangs before the picture comes up and the only way out is to reset.

I have never had a problem like this before. I use DVD FAB to convert from DVD to iPod and store all files locally and not on an external hard drive (have come stuck using this method before).

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Fujitsu Siemen Amilo 6825, Windows XP, 2.7ghz Celeron, 100GB HD, 1GB RAM
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    You might want to try restoring your iPod, which will delete everything on the iPod, and then reloading all of the content from your computer...
    Restore iPod

    (This is different than the reset you had been doing.)

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    I have already removed all the movies and put back on one that I know plays in iTunes.

    Is a restore any different to this really?

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    Well, the restore will restore the iPod software as well just in case there is a glitch in there somewhere or some setting/file causing this.

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    Does this make a difference when I have the same problem, but the purchased movie file wont play in ITUNES EITHER!?!?! It freezes it up in Itunes, and it automatically resets my IPOD.... grrr
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    Tried the restore, bit it has not solved this problem. Having restored the iPod it still hangs after choosing a video/movie.

    Having restored the iPod the clicker has come back (obviously due to resetting the settings) and this can be heard when the buttons are pressed but the only way out of the black screen is to reset using the menu and middle buttons.

    Any more help would be great!
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    Try downloading a free video off the iTunes store. There should be some sort of free TV episode or the like. See if that video works. There could be an issue with the video file itself.

    RegsSpice, is it just this one video? Try a free video too and see if that one works.

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    I am using the "Magic DVD Ripper" to get movies into my 160gb Ipod. I cannot get dvd's that have more than one show or movie to load seperately. I would like to put things like Band of Brothers on my Ipod, but it won't recognize the second episode. Can anyone please help me...Thanks