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I have owned my Ipod for about 3 1/2 years. I think it's starting to go belly up. It does not hold a charge as long as when it was new which is to be expected. I know I can have the battery swapped out for I think @ $99 but I think based on my next problem I would be best served putting that money into a new one. It is starting to freeze up a lot. It seems to be more pronounced when I dock it with my JBL On Stage. When i choose a song to play it feezes. If I let it sit long enough it skips to another song and starts playing. When something like this happens I can hear the HD spinning. Can a soft reset aleviate this problem or is it dying?



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    You could try restoring your iPod and see what that does. That would be the main avenue of fixing the issue. Of course, if the harddrive is on the edge of dying, a restore might push it over the edge.

    Here is a link with instructions to restore. It will wipe the iPod and then reload all of the music from your computer...
    Restore iPod

    Now, since your iPod is older, there is a harddrive test if you think that might be the issue. You have to get the iPod into diagnostic mode and then select the HDD Scan...

    It's a little complicated, so just be aware of that (assuming you want to run it). Try the restore first if you'd like just to make sure there isn't some corrupt file or glitch somewhere causing the issue.