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Next question: Since Windows XP is heavily browser based, I got the crazy idea in my head that I could use DVD@ccess to open programs by typing the path to a given app into the DVD@ccess field in DVDSP. It's not working so hot, but I'm still determined to make this work.

Right now, I've just created empty menus with the links to specific apps, but when I click on the buttons associated with those menus(apps), I just get a blank screen.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this not possible?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    DVDSP User Manual pg 594 has your answer

    While the most common use of DVD@CCESS is to link to a website, you can also use it
    to open a program to view other types of files, such as PDF, PICT, or JPEG files
    . You can
    use DVD@CCESS links for:
    • Internet access: You can enter a URL that links to a specific page on the Internet.
    • _Opening a file_: You can enter a filename. _As long as the file type can be recognized_
    _by the computer’s operating system and a suitable application for that file type is_
    _available, the application opens and displays the file_
    . Most often you will want to link
    to a file that you have included on the DVD.
    • Email: You can enter an email address. The computer’s default email application
    opens, creates a new email, and enters the address you specify as the recipient
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    These pages were not much help unfortunately.

    As an example, I want to be able to load Google Sketchup by pressing a button in a DVD menu. So I went ahead and created a menu, enabled DVD@ccess and set the direct path at:

    C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 6\SketchUp

    I also tried creating a template file (stored locally on the PC) and pointing the DVD@ccess link to that as well.

    However, when I set a button in a menu with this menu as the target...I get nothing. What am I doing wrong?...or is it not possible?
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    Ok I think I'm on to something here.

    I managed to get DVD@ccess links to work just fine on the Mac (go figure...), but am still having extreme difficulty with Windows (I know, right?). I've deduced that perhaps not all Windows DVD players play nice with DVD@ccess regardless of Apple's claim that their plugin works. So far, I've tried:
    - Nero Showtime
    - Corel WinDVD 9
    - Arcsoft Totalmedia Theatre
    - Cyberlink PowerDVD

    Anyone have any other suggestions?
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    You need to install the program on windows machines manually? Could be an issue if you have Vista as well

    Basically DVD@cess is not reliable at all - never was, never will be. There used to be a couple web-enabling tools but they all been abandoned. Mixing the web and DVD is like oil and water They were never intended to go together.

    If someone comes to me for work and wants a web enable Disc I pretty much tell them it can't be done - which is pretty much true.

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    dude; cbos,

    You really need to read the manual I've underlined it for you for Apple's sake! Read the rest from the DVDSP user manual and please try to comprehend.

    SkethcUp is not a file... SketchUp.extension is a file if .extension is a recognized extension for a file that will open by default on an application installed on your computer. For instance image.jpg will open in Preview on a Mac by default. Read the manual. RTFM

    hint: you need to reference a file stored on your DVD file:///DVD/sketchup.extension (three slashes)
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    I've RTFM up one side and down the other, and as a matter of fact, have I gotten DVD@ccess links to work quite successfully in Apple's DVD player on numerous occasions. To make sure I wasn't crazy, I even embedded the most basic of links (http://www.apple.com), and even that wouldn't work on the PC side after testing 9 separate DVD player programs (with and without DVD@ccess.exe installed).

    So I think that Eric's statement that DVD@ccess is unreliable (if not completely unusable) is probably the most accurate one here, which is a bummer, but unless anyone has actually successfully managed to find a software player in the Windows world that accepts these links, it's probably never going to work to an acceptable degree.

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    Sorry for your troubles.

    Execution of DVD@ccess is a convoluted process and inability usually boils down to user error due to these circumstances.
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    Yes, I've had similar problems with DVD@ccess. Website links are usually not a problem. However, had issues with opening Flash files exported as .html in the system's default browser. Got 95% of the files to open properly on my mac. On PC, 100% of the files would open on first time and then when trying to open them a second time it would inexplicably not work.

    This has got me dumbfounded. The fact that it will open once and not again after that, has got me scratchin my head.

    I ran into a data-CD that had a different approach. You browse the CD to find start.html. You open this in your browser and it brings up a page with links to the internal files. Of course, this requires some backend html scripting for the pages and not sure yet if I can hyperlink to video files that will then open the appropriate player or if i will have to embed .flv in the page.

    So yeah, DVD@ccess works alright if your users all have Macs. But, this is not a perfect world and most people have a PC, so...

    p.s. apparently Roxio has a similar program called EDVD that is more attuned to making this work with PCs.
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    eDVD is no longer sold or supported.