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I just switched over to att, and got the 3G iPhone, but I can't get my voice mail set up. When I tap voicemail, it just sends me to the voicemail service and asks for the ten digit number I'm trying to reach. I tried ending the call immediately, as it recommends in the troubleshooting guide, but that doesn't work. Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?


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    if you ported your number wait 12 hours, it can take time
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    I had the same issue today after I activated my iPhone with my phone number from my Tilt. I found elsewhere on this forum you simply push the * [star or asterisk] key when you hear the voicemail greeting. You'll then be prompted to establish your passcode and establish a greeting.

    Hope this helps...
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    I had the same issue... evidently, first time you push the voicemail button from the phone screen, it's supposed to recognize that you don't have an account and start taking you through set up (establishing a password, recording your name, recording a greeting, etc.). Mine only called the voice mail system and acted like I was trying to leave a message for someone. Not sure why that happened.

    The AT&T site is totally useless on this topic.

    I was able to get to the voice mail setup by calling my mobile number from my mobile phone -- that triggered the setup process.

    Note that once you set it up, the first time you get a message, you will need to enter the password number that you picked before the visual voicemail will be downloaded to your phone. Hope that helps!