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i upgraded my iPhone 1 gen to ver 2.0. as part of the upgrade, iTunes backed up my iphone content (music/videos etc), upgraded, and then tried to restore the content back to the phone. However, sometime during sync, iTunes stops responding and the whole PC hangs. I am running Vista 64-bit, and i have seen iTunes hanging before when syncing and I was told it was a logitech driver issue (i have a logitech keyboard+mouse). so today, once iphone started syncing i physically disconnected my kb+mouse and it still crashed!
any help greatly appreciated! i am now stuck with gen 1, ver 2.0, empty iPhone

iPhone Gen 1, Windows Vista, 64-bit
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    Mine hangs as soon as it's plugged in on my MacBook. I restored my iPhone to fix it 2 days ago. But can't afford to this time!
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    Similar problem, once the 2.0 software was installed iTunes progress stops at Restoring iPhone Software. I because there is no progress for over 45 mins, I disconnected the USB cable from my iPhone, which stopped the process. After reconnecting, the process started with Phone in Recovery Mode, but still stalls at Restoring iPhone Software

    iPhone 1G
    PowerBook G4
    USB PC card ( to provide USB charging & high-speed data transfer )

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    I just responded to another similar question - iTunes hang with iPhone/2.0 firmware.

    My iPhone started taking considerable time to sync with the 1.1.4 firmware and iTunes 7.7, and that has persisted since the 2.0 firmware update. Sounds like the problem is in iTunes 7.7. Mine does sync after a few minutes (originally the process started almost instantly).
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    I'm having same problem as everyone in here. iTunes try's to back up my phone but it hangs at like 75%. This all started to occur when i upgraded iphone 1 gen 2.0 firmware and iTunes 7.7.
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    I'm having the same issue: just upgraded both iTunes and my 1st gen iPhone (to 7.7 & 2.0) and as soon as I connect iPhone, iTunes hangs and does not respond to attempts to force quit. I have to manually reboot my PowerBook to get iTunes to quit. As of now, I've got a basically empty iPhone and can't take advantage of the new 2.0 utility. Quite frustrating--any suggestions appreciated.
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    Hey, my email is ronaldo at the recordworks dot com Can you you send me a screenshot of your applications list? I hear that we are a rare breed with this problem, and I think it might have something to do with old software (maybe cell phone software) like "Bluephone Elite" or something similar.
    I look forward to hearing from you so we can sort this out.
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    I had the same problem last night and saw a recommendation not to use a USB hub, so I connected my iPhone directly into my computer. Still would not sync. Then we tried connecting to another computer and still got the same error message, saying that it could not connect to iTunes. So we decided it might be the phone itself. So I turned off the phone by holding down the "home" button and "off" button at the same time and holding them for about 30 seconds. Then turned it back on and the sync worked just fine. Now if I could only find a solution to the memail contacts problem.
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    Do you ever get this fixed?

    I've encountered a similar problem. Upgraded to iTunes 7.7 and iPhone 2.0 then tried to sync my iPhone. Repeatedly hung trying to backup my iPhone prior to installing 2.0. Same behavior with my wife's iPhone. Tried to sync saying "no" to the firmware upgrade and now it hangs while trying to sync. Phone still works, just can't sync or upgrade.

    Apple Store just told me to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. Did this, but no help. Completely shutting down iPhone didn't help either.

    Seen several postings with this problem... just haven't seen one from anyone who's successfully solved it.
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    The Master reset solved this issue for me.

    I think it's the third one in the reset options, it takes an hour and warns you twice.