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I set up a synced calendar using Google's CalDAV which I can access on my MacBook at home, and my Mac at work. I would also like to give my wife access to make changes to that calendar on her mac as well. How would I do that?

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    Simple. Just setup the same calendar account in iCal on your wife's mac. Use the same URL and credentials you used when you set it up on your own macs.
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    I am running into 2 problems with that...

    1. The only way I can get that to work is by using my Google username and password. I would like her to be able to access it but authenticating with her info.

    2. I'd also like her to have the ability to view and make changes to the calendar on the Google Calendar web app.
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    I just did this yesterday. 2 macs, 2 iphones, all running local iCal and syncing to a single gCal that I set up to handle family events.

    Seems like you have the setup down, what you need to do for your wife is to either log in to your gmail calendar on her machine and set it up exactly like you did yours or use the gCal function to "invite" her to the calender (she'll get an email and then she logs into her gmail account and adds the shared calendar and then goes through the ical/ CalDav setup).

    Instructions for the iCal-gcal sync are here for those that need them:
    http://lifehacker.com/399407/how-to-sync-any-desktop-calendar-with-google-calend ar

    A few tips for those with iphones:

    Once you have the gcal/ical sync going for the desktops you will notice that events added to the iphone cal will only sync back to your "home" calendar on the desktop iCal and not the shared gcal. I've chosen to view this as a "feature" rather than a bug. Change the color of your home ical to red and have the shared gCal blue (for example). Now, when the iphone syncs, you will see those calendar entries stand out in a different color. If you want them added to the shared gcal, drag and drop the event to the shared gcal in the panel on the left and it's added and synced to gcal. If it's just a "personal" event that you don't need up on gcal, leave it red.
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    Go to calendar settings in gcal and click the share calendar button, put in your wife's email address (seems she needs a gmail account) and she will get invited to share the calendar. You can give her permission to add and edit the cal from the same screen.
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    How has the multiple syncing worked? I have google cal/ical set up, but with only one mac able to make changes. Does it work fine with two macs able to make changes to the same calendar, or does all kinds of corruption occur? And I mean with both computers on and connected to google calendar simultaneously.