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Outlook Contacts "invalid entryid" error after edit on iPod Touch and sync

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  • Lou in NYC Calculating status...
    I am also having this problem. Thanks to those who posted these messages.

    It will save me time looking for a solution and I will wait for Apple to fix it.

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    Dell Dimension 8250, Windows XP, iPhone (old version)
  • Chefino Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem here. Using Outlook 2007. When MM syncs to Outlook, all the contacts become unusable for email sending (I get the "... invalid ENTRYID").

    I tried to make a new Outlook profile, but got the same result.
    What's more, when I open the Outlook address book, I get contacts, which look totally blank, not able to distinguish them. However, in the Contacts section of Outlook (the big list) they "seem" ok. However, they are still corrupt for email sending.

    This is how the address book looks like:
    iMac 20" Aluminium, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • spr1 Calculating status...

    This seems to be happening to me (corrupted contact) for contacts that I have modified by adding a picture on the iPhone. On subsequent sync, I am getting the problem.

    Deleting the 'display as' and re-saving does seem to fix the issue, but really - I dont know which of my contacts are screwed up at this point beyond those that have had pictures added to them.
    Windows XP Pro
  • spr1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Note: Using MS Exchange Server 2003 w/ActiveSync, not mobileme. Also regular itunes sync periodically.
    Windows XP Pro
  • minnoce944 Calculating status...
    This occurs with me as well. Upon further testing it also only occurs with those contacts that have had a picture updated/saved from the iphone. To resolve i deleted the picture in outlook properties (accessed thru the contacts tab) and sync'd again with the iphone and all is fine. If i really wanted the picture i discovered if i put the pic in outlook first and then sync it to the iphone nothing gets corrupted.

    I have a case open with apple product specialists and referred them to this forum topic for more info. They said this is a widespread problem and engineering is looking at this. They also stated they would forward my case to them. Here's to hoping a fix in released at some point in the near future.

    self-built, Windows Vista
  • jowilkin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Good to know they are looking at it, but it can't be that hard to fix.

    I bought the 32 gig Ipod touch for work use only to have it screw up my contacts on multiple computers...

    Several people at work are interesting in getting one as well, but I will advise them not to until this issue is fixed.
  • caa100 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Same probs here.

    Any contact entered or updated on the iPhone causes a prob in outlook 2003. It is visible in "Contacts" view, but not usable when composing email, and it generates "Invalid Entry ID" if you select it in address book view.

    (In my case, it is NOT limited to contacts with pictures being added.)

    In Outlook 2003, I am able to identify problem contacts as follows:

    1. Use Tools > Address book to bring up the list (Not Go > Contacts)
    2. Contacts that are listed in last name first format in the "Name" column are problems
    3. Contacts with no email address are also problems

    For me, simply deleting the "Display name" for a problem contact's email address causes it to repopulate incorrectly (in "Last, First" format instead of "First last".) Therefore, I fix problem contacts as follows:

    1. Find the contact in "Contacts" (rather than Address Book)
    2. Delete the entire name, then re-enter it
    3. For each email associated with the contact, delete the Display Name and then hit tab so that it repopulates.
    4. If it repopulates incorrectly, repeat 2-3 until it works.
    5. Save the contact
  • caa100 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Anyone seen if this is resolved by Touch 2.1 or iTunes 8?

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  • caa100 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    iTunes 8 has fixed this problem for me. (I have not yet installed 2.1 firmware.)

    Contacts added via iphone, synced to Outlook 2003 via iTunes 8 are now showing up in email compose. (Hooray!) And they are now clickable in Address Book without getting the invalid entry ID.

    _There is still something messed up, though_. Contacts added in the iPhone are listed in Address Book in a different format (Last name First) than contacts that were added in outlook (first name first.) This seems to resolve when I go and edit the contact.
  • minnoce944 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Confirmed. Using I-Tunes 8 and iphone fw 2.1 this issue no longer exists. Thank goodness it was getting very annoying. I've even loaded pics back in for my contacts and that is working as well. Now i just have to go back and fix any contact i modified/added via my iphone to get rid of this problem for good. I've been using caa100's method above for those contacts which are corrupted and it works fine.

    I also have to update the last name first field and category field in outlook since not all the fields map over correctly. Also see this with multiple email addresses per contact. Outlook lists as email 1 2 etc while iphone actually assigns a home or work label. Oh well nothing is perfect.

    self-built, Windows Vista
  • genegiannamore Calculating status...
    shouldn't the code instead be


    Option Explicit

    Sub FixEntryIDs()
    Call FixEntryID
    End Sub

    Sub FixEntryID(Optional ByVal contacts As folder)
    Dim item As ContactItem
    Dim subf As folder
    Dim changed As Boolean

    If IsMissing(contacts) Or contacts Is Nothing Then
    Set contacts = ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder
    End If

    For Each subf In contacts.Folders
    For Each item In contacts.Items
    changed = False
    If Len(item.Email1DisplayName) Then
    changed = True
    item.Email1DisplayName = ""
    End If

    If Len(item.Email2DisplayName) Then
    changed = True
    item.Email2DisplayName = ""
    End If

    If Len(item.Email3DisplayName) Then
    changed = True
    item.Email3DisplayName = ""
    End If

    If changed Then
    Call item.Save
    End If
    End Sub

    p4 & c2d, Windows XP Pro
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