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iPhone 3G Reception Problems? You're Not Alone - Continued

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  • swisskiltbear Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    No, It's not data congestion, it's not signal strength, it's not network congestions. It's the iPhone.

    If any of those coverage, weak network and congestion claims had any merit at all, all other 3G devices (phones, cards, sticks) would exhibit the same problems, which they just simply don't.

    If you have 20 to 30 dBm LESS signal strength on 3G iPhones than on any other 3G stick, handset and even calibrated field test equipment (see my earlier post) the point of network and signal quality is moot.

    As for data congestion, the swisscom engineer and I tried a speed test beween an USB stick and iPhone on an internal swisscom speedtest site that CAN handle up to 25 20,000 Kbit ADSL connections simultaneously and noone else was using it AND both devices were connected to the same 3G base station/tower (verfiied by swisscom speed test equipment) the USB stick pulled the full 1.5 mbps, while the iPhones that had a network at all (only 3 out of 5 did) were struggling at 60 to 80 kpbs. Any questions?

    When we were doing the tests, only three devices, the iPhone, the comparison equipment (e.g other 3G handset or USB stick) and the field test equipment were connected to the same base station.

    Again, all other 3G devices were registering signal strengths in the mid to low 70s while those iPhones that did get a 3G network always showed values of -101 and -106 dBm.

    The attempts to explain the iPhone 3Gs obvious hardware issues with carrier problems, bad coverage, network congestions and other far fetched explanations are getting rather tedious by now. Those iPhones that do have issues ( I have yet to see one here that doesn't) have them on strong, uncongested 3G networks with excellent signal strength and coverage.
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  • musicvan Level 1 Level 1 (140 points)
    "Sitting here with an iphone and a Nokia N80 side by side, both on O2...ZERO or occassionally 1 bar on 3G network for the iphone (-101db) compared to the full seven or so bars on the N80"

    I have a similar finding comparing the Nokia E51 on the O2 3G network, 5 bars on the Nokia and no dropped connections while the iphone stuggles to get 1 bar of 3G reception in the same area, its either 1 bar or switches over to GPRS. Not very useful when you purchased the product to use it for its data capabilities. This was a week 29 product, complained to O2 and got a replacement iphone (now week 32) but no difference. Rang apple tech support and got nowhere, denied any knowledge of a 3G problem on the iphone and ignored comparing product signal strength. They blamed the network O2 as the root cause. Still believe that all iphones have weak receiver sensitivity when using 3G but are OK when using 2G, it just depends on the coverage you have, so unlikely this will ever be fixed usnig firmware, they might just fool people by adding some bars to the same signal levels.
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  • MRK-FFLD Calculating status...
    Let me begin by saying I LOVE my iPhone. Had a 2G from the third day of release. I was totally happy with it - until I dropped it on July 26th and cracked the screen. Given the repair cost, I bit the bullet and "upgraded" to a 3G. What a mistake.

    Sure, 3G is faster ... but only when it works. I live in the NYC metro area and 3G coverage is pretty ubiquitous. The first problem I had was with the accelerometer getting stuck in the landscape mode. That seemed to "magically" get better - but still occurs once every few days (instead of once every few hours.) I can live with that.

    Then came the first 2.0 firmware upgrade ... and my reception problems started. I had AT LEAST 3 or 4 bars of 3G everywhere. Home, work, my favorite hangouts, everywhere. Suddenly (after the first firmware upgrade) I usually got 1 bar - or No Service - and was lucky to get two. 2.02 didn't help a single bit.

    Nearby ATT 3G devices (including my wife's 3G non-iPhone) are working spectacularly. Full bars of service, etc.. This is NOT a network issue, but an iPhone problem.

    Again, I LOVE my iPhone (loved my 2G more) but these dropped calls are a nightmare. The phone is all but unusable!

    I'm not a whiner, I'm a regular guy (a 42 year-old IT professional) but really, APPLE HAS GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. (They must monitor these forums, right?)
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  • Sabato07 Calculating status...
    Jobs has really done it now!! The poor 3G reception on iPhone's world-wide has put a damper on the iPhone. What a let down!! Maybe Jobs should ask Bill for some help!! Or maybe, just maybe, he is trying what Bill does – getting the world to test the product as all MicroSoft users know.

    I've also heard that there's a hardware problem with the iPhone 3G - something about the antennae not connecting to the something?? If that is the case, then there will be a total recall. Something Jobs cannot afford!! My view is that there is a hardware issue that Apple are trying to fix with software patches to avoid the recall, hence the upgrade to Version 2.02. They’re trying to fix hardware problems with software and we all know that is not possible!! And 2.02 did not work for anyone, world-wide!!

    I think Apple are in deep Poo and have already lost market confidence...

    Let’s wait and see what they dream up next!!
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  • S.A. Sebastian Calculating status...
    I have a feeling, like others, this isn't entirely Apple's fault. My iPhone said I was in a 3G area with "5 bars", and I couldn't connect to,, etc... Not one site I tried would open up except I find this very suspicious. AT&T's site came up in seconds. Trying google, yahoo and others again, they still wouldn't load. Again, the AT&T site loaded up fine. I think maybe we might also have an issue with bandwidth throttling.
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  • newapplegirl2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I would have to agree with you. I am in NYC and I have noticed my bars changed daily and this is with my phone sitting on my desk in the same spot, at some points it even said I had no service In the heart of midtown which is basicly unheard of. I have noticed the internet being especially slow between 10-2:30pm every outside of those times I seem to be on the go, but during I can are cannot to interest without using my wifi. I think part of the issue is AT&T not being able to support 3G surge within peak times which in return gives us little to no connection, makes you wonder what exactly are we paying and additional $10 for per month for this data plan versus the previous 2G phones.
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  • editor99 Calculating status...
    Try putting in and out of Airplane Mode for like a min. i know lol but it worked for me
    you name it i have it x2, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
  • michaelab Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    To all those here who are saying the problem must be with the phone, how do you explain the vast majority of users who are having absolutely no 3G problems whatsoever?

    Here in Portugal I'm not aware of any 3G issues at all with the iPhone 3G, I've had no issues and have excellent data speeds and I can say the same for the other iPhone 3G owners I know, including 2 people in the UK on O2. I follow the local tech forums and there have been no reports of 3G reception issues here at all.

    Since there many people who have no issues at all (including some people posting here who are in the US with ATT) the problem simply cannot be exclusively the fault of the phone. Some of the problem must be related to network issues. It's quite possible that the nature of the way the iPhone 3G interacts with the networks is exposing bugs and/or weaknesses in network infrastructures that weren't visible or significant before.
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  • curveball Calculating status...
    because if you have are in a will not notice it...maybe you have the best 3g coverage in portugal/lisbon

    i have spots that are really strong and some spots are good, but if i go a little bit outside or in my home the signal dies or is very crappy
  • curveball Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    my guess is that 90 % do not know about the difference between GSM/edge vs they dont know that they have issues
  • michaelab Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    curveball wrote:
    my guess is that 90 % do not know about the difference between GSM/edge vs they dont know that they have issues

    It doesn't matter what you know about GSM/Edge/3G, if you're getting a lot of dropped calls you will know you have issues! Even so, the vast majority of iPhone 3G users have no issues at all.
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  • swisskiltbear Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    How can you say that the vast majority of users have no problems?

    You know them all personally?
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, Windows XP Pro, iPod 5.5g (80gb), MacBook Air
  • curveball Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    ...but if you turn 3g OFF, you dont have dropped calls

    i have read posts like yours (in sweden), they have been convinced in the beginning that there is no wrong with the phone, after a while though they have changed their minds..

    i think different countries have different coverage and if you are in a stronghold in the city like you (and me if i go 2 blocks from my house)you
    maybe will not notice not.

    try go outside lisbon but keep inside the 3g map and you will know

    the phone has bad reception, read swisskiltbear posts

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  • dabbbb Calculating status...
    Has anyone noticed that the new software update 2.0.2 actually has more problems with 3G connection than the previous software? I had few problems with the previous version, but after the update the 3G connection works only 5% of the time in the same locations that it used to work >90% of the time. How can I go back to 2.0.1?
    iPhone 3G
  • paul in sydney au Calculating status...
    I did the below video, and I know for a fact its not the networks fault, there is no way and i have tested this so many times I thought I would do a video. I will record over the next few week some more issues I have noticed, the 3g bars seem to jump from 1 bar to full and then drop back to 1 again, this suggests its a hardware fault not software, remember software only tells the hardware what to do and im sure apple has done the best they can in this regard, It seems that apple dont do tweaks to something that should work, I tweak my car for better fuel echonomy but it doesent mean that the engine stops and starts when it feels like it.

    I don't think that software could possibly effect reception unless the reviver is not doing as it should.

    Here is the link
    Imac MBAx2 MB Iphone 3gx2, Mac OS X (10.5.4)


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