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  • 345. 2.1 is OUT!!!!!
    macjeff Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Downloading it now.

    Release notes says it fixes application crashing when lots of applications are installed. That is what I think is causing the issues in people still getting them with 8.0 itunes. I have not had any issues but have only 10 apps.

  • 346. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    Ollerich Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    2.1 is out, so lets hope the best!
  • 347. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    Striker Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Hey everyone, as I said last night, my problem reappeared (and my music DISappeared) again last night under iTunes 8.0 (but OS 2.0.2). I am downloading the 2.1 update right now.... Has anybody seen this FIX their problem instantly yet?

    Wish me (and us) luck....
  • 348. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    David Boroditsky Level 3 Level 3 (865 points)
    Same thing happened to me. I downgraded to 7.7 and things worked fine for a month. I was very gentle about installing new apps and upgrading existing ones. I even upgraded to 2.02 without a problem.

    I upgraded to 8.0 this weeks and everything was working good.

    I foolishly decided yesterday to download and install 6 or 8 new apps...

    After the install I even used one of the new ones for a while and thought, "gee, maybe I should re-boot my phone or something".

    This was a mistake. After the reboot the phone is borked, no 3rd party apps, no music. sigh

    Let's see if just installing 2.1 fixes the problem. The update has been downloaded, but the upgrade is insisting on backing up my borked iPhone.
  • 349. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    Striker Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    HEY EVERYONE-- IT SEEMS THAT (FOR NOW) IPHONE OS 2.1 DOES FIX THE PROBLEM!! The problem resurfaced for me the other day a day after I stupidly upgraded to iTunes 8.0. Then this morning I downloaded the new iPhone OS 2.1 upgrade and installed it. At first, it did NOT fix the problem. But then, on a whim, since we all know now that the problem is related to the digital rights management features, I downloaded an App from the AppStore on the iPhone (yes, from the iPhone itself--wasn't I brave?)... After I **input my account password** and installed the test App, I am HAPPY to report that it WORKED!!

    I also noticed some improvements to iPhone 2.1: new "erase data after 10 unsuccessful password attempts" feature, more customization re: picking sounds on or off, a new "restriction" option to HIDE camera(!), and in iTunes itself, App storage size now shows up as "green bar". Cool, eh?
  • 350. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    p+j Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    i'm going to give you a little reassurance here, david.

    i wouldn't say "foolishly" you decided to download and install apps. that is the normal use of the phone, and having to tiptoe around that isn't a good solution. that's part of my insistence, and has been all along. so you weren't being foolish. if you did something that required you to be an on-egg-shells user, you didn't have a good foundation from the go, and it may well have happened anyways.

    let us know how the 2.1/8 combo goes. i would love to put it on, for that one security feature alone.
  • 351. Re: 2.1 is OUT!!!!!
    p+j Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    alright, you convinced me. i'm doing it. here goes nothing...
  • 352. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    David Boroditsky Level 3 Level 3 (865 points)
    I agree about the "foolishness" not being more than just using the product for what is intended to do.

    After the 2.5 hour backup (not the normal backup, but another special, un-cancellable backup in a modal dialog box the update proceeded and completed. My music was there, but the apps still did not work.

    I then instigated a sync and all is well.

    I'm not sure I have to heart to stress test it yet, perhaps I'll leave that to others.
  • 353. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    kbell-tiger Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    David Boroditsky wrote:
    I'm not sure I have to heart to stress test it yet, perhaps I'll leave that to others.

    I just got back from a business trip and am performing the majorly inconvenient forced backup at the moment. My plan is to totally go gung ho with the stress testing this weekend. I either want to be convinced the problem is fixed (or the chance of catching the disease is extremely remote) or prove that it is still there. I'm not going to hold back. I do not have as many apps as a lot of you (about 60 or so) though.

  • 354. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    macjeff Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Rather then do the backup to install 2.1 it is faster to do a restore and then reinstall the apps. I did a restore and reinstalled 100 apps in less then 1 hour!!!

    Also the apps install faster and for some odd reason take up less space on the phone then they did before. Maybe it installed them twice last time since it took so long...LOL

  • 355. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    p+j Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    exactly my plan. did everything last night. wasn't so bad, although i wish they'd have thought to ask about the backup.

    anyhow, things went fine, my phone seems to be behaving rather crisply, and we'll see. i'm certainly not going to shy from using it. i DL'd an app last night and it seemed to be okay. music still there, apps still open. i'm going to do a couple of syncs and music management today, so we'll see.i've got about 50 apps on the phone, and to the surprise of many, i actually use about half of them regularly.
  • 356. Re: iphone 2.0 problems.
    Alexander Newman Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    I've bitten the bullet, and two backups and an install later I appear to have a working 2.1/8.0 setup. All apps that I've tried (including the koi in their little pond) are working fine. I also purchased a "dollar" app, which installed very briskly and started up and ran fine, so the update passed that test too. I was really impressed with the app's install speed, especially since it was done over the wifi, at the other end of the house. Previously it was sluggish at best. The speedup was between 5 and 10 times, at a very rough estimate. But see also below.

    I had replaced my internet router to an 8.11n spec (replacing an 8.11g) a couple of hours before I did the update, and the signal picked up by the "2.0.2" phone was initially nice and strong - and stable - even in the dead spots, and outside the house as well. I'm not so sure that the wifi hasn't gone backwards since the f/w update to 2.1, though, as the signal pickup seems to have gone back to being either a bit weaker or more intermittent than when I first got the new router installed. Given the speed of the app install, I would lean towards more intermittent, not weaker: until I have any other evidence to the contrary, that is.

    So I will continue to monitor the wifi. The response when the phone is latched to the wifi is a lot snappier - a combination of the faster 8.11n and (possibly?) the f/w update.

    Anyway, +caveat emptor+: I can only blame myself for jumping in early yet again ; ). But 2.1 isn't exactly early, and neither is iTunes 8.0. \[Speaking of the latter and OT, not too sure that I like the "Genius" reporting the contents of my library to Apple. Even though Apple claims that it's anonymous, I'm not sure a. that I believe them and b. that the RIAA, et alia, wouldn't try to force Apple to hand over the data at some point down the track. But that's a problem for the iTunes threads, and it's not as though "Genius" is enabled by default, either ; ).\]

    The fact that iTunes 8 (apparently) hasn't hosed my phone yet is an enormous plus (even though it really should never have had to have been)!
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