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My daughter dropped her iBook G4 last night and since then we have not been able to complete the start-up routine. Once the computer is switched on, it makes the normal start-up tone and then goes to the grey screen with the Apple logo. The computer stays on this screen with the 'waiting' symbol spinning away. That's about it really it just stays on this screen.

I suspect (on the grounds that they're not meant to be dropped) that there is some damage internally but wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem and found a way to repair the iBook without having to send it off for repairs.

Any suggestions?

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Hi Jessicle and Welcome to Apple Discussions,
    Well walk through this post:
    and try all the things suggested there.
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    Welcome to the Discussions.

    Dropping the computer while running could corrupt the data on the drive.

    Put the install disc in the drive and start while holding down the "c" key. Select Disk Utility form the Installer menu (Panther) or the Utility menu (Tiger) after clicking through the install process through the language screen. Repair the drive and if any errors are reported repeat the process until no errors are reported. If errors can't be corrected post the error message here.

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    Thanks John, I have managed to get 'Disk Utility' up and have seemingly repaired the disk however I cannot locate the original OSX installation discs and have had to use a friends copies which are a later variation than mine. Is there anyway I can install and operate this later version because at the moment its not recognising the later version of OSX. I have in short taken a few steps forward but now have another hurdle to clamber over. I'm hoping not being able to locate the original OSX discs will not be fatal.

    Thanks for you help