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Can anyone please explain to a Newby to Ipod touch, what is the "On-the-go" file, and how is it used. It seems to be a file that has been generated in the Ipod and has some of the music but not all, that I have D/L, in it.

Any help will be appreciated .

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    Most playlists have to be created in iTunes and synced to your Touch. The On-the-Go playlist is the exception. It is a playlist that you create on your Touch, to suit whatever mood you may be in at the time. Here are the instructions from the iPod Touch 2.1 User Guide:

    Make an on-the-go playlist:
    1 Tap Playlists and tap On-The-Go.
    2 Browse for songs using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Tap any song or video to add it to the playlist. Tap *Add All Songs* at the top of any list of songs to add all the songs in the list.
    3 When you finish, tap Done.
    When you make an on-the-go playlist and then sync iPod touch to your computer, the playlist is saved on iPod touch and in your iTunes library, then deleted from iPod touch. The first is saved as “On-The-Go 1,” the second as “On-The-Go 2,” and so on. To put a playlist back on iPod touch, select iPod touch in the iTunes sidebar, click the Music tab, and set the playlist to sync.

    Edit an on-the-go playlist: Tap Playlists, tap On-The-Go, tap Edit, then do one of the following:
    *To move a song higher or lower in the list, drag next to the song.
    *To delete a song from the playlist, tap - next to a song, then tap Delete. Deleting a song from the on-the-go playlist doesn’t delete it from iPod touch.
    *To clear the entire playlist, tap Clear Playlist.
    *To add more songs, tap +.

    You can clear that playlist on your Touch to start with a fresh one. In iTunes, you can delete the On-the-Go # playlist(s) if you don't want to save them. Or keep them around, since they can be synced to your Touch, in case you are in the same mood again another day.