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All new email in inbox from two days back to present are duplicating every time Mail synchronizes with the server. This happens to only one account on a Bellsouth server. However, another account with the same server is working fine beside it.

MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2.16 GHz, 1.25 GHz
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    I got an error with mail the other day so I restarted my computer. I started mail again and this time I had to set up all new accounts. I did not see an update for the mail program so I do not know if this is what caused it. I then added my .me account and a pop account. So after rebuilding the pop account, I now get several hundred duplicates of emails and I cannot delete them. I have never had so many problems with email before. I noticed that it is version 3.5 so I am guessing that there is a serious bug in this version and I suspect that it was a new download this week. Does anyone have any way to fix this.
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    I am noticing exactly the same problem. I have checked the Mail ID's for the duplicate mails and they are indeed the same ID. I have tried using the Mail script to remove duplicate mails but it is not detecting the duplicate ID's.

    It is also only happening with the Bellsouth mail server - other POP and IMAP servers are not giving me the same problem.

    Rather than manually deleting about 1000 mails does anyone have a solution to this?