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So here's the deal: My old PC got messed up, was unable to boot and all that other fun stuff. So I got a new computer, and then transferred my library back by just telling iTunes to rename and move files, and dragging the iPod Control files into iTunes. However, it seems that with games, my only option is to transfer all of the purchased content on my iPod, creating doubles of like half of my files. This option is not preferable. Is there any way to sync the games to my new PC, or can I never manage the games on my iPod (as you can only sync all games, rather than drag and drop)?

HP Pavilion a6619, Windows Vista, iPod Classic 80GB
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    If your purchased music is already on your PC, iTunes should not make duplicates when transferring from iPod to iTunes. As for your games, if you want them back your best bet is to transfer all.

    There are ways of viewing content on an iPod that supports disk mode (aka an iPod that isn't a touch or an iPhone), but I cannot discuss them on these forums. Try a Google search.