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  • 135. Re: Random Freezing
    grasmat Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I also have a lot of freezes, 4gb RAM installes by Apple
  • 136. Re: Random Freezing
    lopero Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I’ve got the same problem. Sometimes my mac freezes even at the log in screen before I can touch anything!! After trying different ways to identify it, I found changing the Energy Saver to Higher Performance seems able to reduce the symptom. In addition, it looks like not to connect anything to the USB ports, Firewire port and Lan port might also be helpful.

    I have 4GB RAM as well but I think this issue should be more related to either the GPU, OS, or the USB/Lan/Firewire ports.

    Apple, you really need to fix it!!!!!
  • 137. Re: Random Freezing
    lopero Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Did you install the laptopvideo2go driver in the Windows? I counldn't find the driver for mac.
  • 138. Re: Random Freezing
    AlexMinza Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes, in Windows. I did not experience any freezing in MacOS
  • 139. Re: Random Freezing
    David Ramsay1 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    I had the same problem but I believe the issue at login is different to the crash (Kernel Panic). I agree that it would point to GPU - in particular the NVidia chipset which is always used from the 9400M.

    My Kernel Panics have been resolved by getting Hynix RAM installed.

    The login screen is still an issue and I believe it is down to moving my machine between 2 locations without selecting the network settings for my home.
  • 140. Re: Random Freezing
    William Brocklebank Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I was in the middle of a reply to this and another complete freeze - my tenth today.

    This is becoming UNBELIEVABLY frustrating.

    My situation:

    Bought after 1 week of new MacBook Pro's being out in the UK (because my wonderful, reliable 17" 2.4GHz machine had a full on Logic Board failure).

    Only one available was 2.4Ghz model with 2GB RAM.

    Inserted a new 320GB HD 7200rpm and copied data from my last backup of the 17". Other than trackpad issues there were no problems.

    Had to use VMWare with AutoCAD so needed more RAM.

    Bought 4GB from Crucial via MacWarehouse.

    Installed - freezes began.

    I have now had them multiple times today - EXCEPT only when I am on my home network. I take exactly the same machine to work and use it 10 hours per day and I have never had a freeze there. (Connecting via Time Capsule to work network.)

    Same hardware, same software, same apps. Never.

    Get it home (connecting via Airport Extreme to home network) and usually within 10 mins my first total GUI freeze.

    No discernible pattern of messages in the Console to log what might have caused this.

    If I didn't use this machine from 6.30am through to 10-11pm every single day, 7 days a week I would take it back to the Apple Store and take a genius hostage until they helped me out.

    And I support Macs for a living so I have seen many and never had problems like this on my machines, my office machines or with any of my customers.

    Someone PLEASE, PLEASE help.

    (On the off chance given recent events I have cc'd this to Steve Jobs and am wondering if I might get one of his terse replies!)
  • 141. Re: Random Freezing
    William Brocklebank Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I have just tried to use my MacBook Pro in Safe Boot mode and although it wasn't an extended test there were no freezes - but most interestingly I think that the graphics card behaviour when under safe boot is different. I.e. it does not give you the option to change GPU in energy saver and maybe this is removing the cause of the problems.

    Check out the screenshot here:


    Interesting also that the text is all wrong but I did not try to repeat this so cannot tell if this happens each time.

    Does anyone else feel that the new GPU trickery could be at the root of the problem?
  • 142. Re: Random Freezing
    David Ramsay1 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    I suggest that you return the RAM and get an upgrade set which are from Hynix, Samsung or Micron.

    My experience shows that there are issues using any other. As I have said earlier in the thread I hvae had a set of Hynix 2GB SODIMM's and I have not had a crash since installation.

    IMHO Apple do have a problem but it is probably with the nVidia chip set.
  • 143. Re: Random Freezing
    Steamrunner TTT Level 1 Level 1 (80 points)
    Came across this thread on a search for "kernel panic" in the forums, I'll add my experience:

    Got a late 2008 MP in early November. Swapped out the HDD and RAM for larger capacities, no problems for a few days. Then it started with the Panics and freezes. I'm still fairly new to Macs so I apologise if my terms are wrong, but it will either "grey-screen" telling me to reboot (which I understand is a Panic), or I will return to it to find the screens turned off* but the power LED is on, bright and steady (so not sleeping). Nothing seems to wake it.

    I've figured out where the Panic logs are, but it doesn't seem to write a log after the won't-wake-up incidents, only after the actual Panics. The Panic logs all mention a Page Fault and precious little else.

    What's really, REALLY frustrating is that each time it does this, it takes out one of my external drives as well. I've got two drives in a mirror RAID config, a drive for TM and another drive for data I really don't want to lose. By last night, the MacBook had corrupted all of them to the point where Disk Utility wouldn't even verify them. I've had to spend £80 on DiskWarrior to get my data back - only for the Mac to panic again during a recovery of my Time Machine drive. God knows what state that disc is in now, it was 1am and I had better things to do (i.e. sleep) so I left it.

    The Apple extended diagnostics showed no problems.

    *My set-up is to have the MBP pretty much as a desktop, it's usually plugged in, and constantly on (when not crashed). I have an external display - and the issues that go with that - and external drives for backups, general data and video that's too big for the internal drive. I also have an ExpressCard SD/MS reader.

    Having read this thread, I will try putting the original 2Gb chips back in tonight and see how that goes. If it's still misbehaving, I'll switch back to the original HDD next.

    My wife has a new MacBook 13" and has had no problems at all - beginning to wish I'd saved the cash and just got one of those, now...

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  • 144. Re: Random Freezing
    John Wilson M.D. Level 1 Level 1 (90 points)
    Steamrunner TTT, Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    After reading your post and the posts of others I think this might be a problem that you'll have to solve by getting a replacement. Here's why I think that.
    1. It was working fine for a few days of what sounds like hard use, then it started acting up. If it were a pure and simple RAM incompatibility then one would expect the problems to start immediately.
    2. Your getting Kernel Panics as well as freezes which usually indicates a more severe issue.

    But, putting that aside I would focus on getting your data and drives back in order. If you can persuade your wife to let you hook up to her MB to do some reconfiguring and restoring. I wouldn't touch those drives with your sick MBP until you get it more trustworthy or replaced with a new one. When/If you get the new one and put in your upgrades then you'll have to run it hard for a week before applying it to your external drives to decrease the risk of re-damaging your data.

    Another thing that you could rule out by using your wife's MB to repair and run your externals is that the problem didn't come from the externals. That would be a question put to you by any Apple Employee who is trying to avoid giving you a replacement.

    If you take your MBP back to its original configuration and it freezes, then you're in for a trip to the Genius, if it doesn't freeze you're still at a disadvantage because now you can't upgrade back to where you want to be. At that point you might consider paying for Apple to upgrade the RAM. That way they bear responsibility for errors after the upgrade.

    Other than that you might consider Hynix RAM as it has gotten good marks in this discussion thread.

    Hope this helps.

  • 145. Re: Random Freezing
    David Ramsay1 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
    I think I may be able to clarify a little re hangs and Panics. I too had both but by replacing with the original Samsung RAM or by putting in 1 x 2GB and 1 x 1GB DIMM I had no problems.

    Having had the 4GB of Hynix for over 7 days I no longer have a problem with either crash/panic.

    I would suggest that 'steamrunner' is suffering with some progressive corruption due to using a machine which crashes during restoration work.
    He needs to stabilise the machine first.
  • 146. Re: Random Freezing
    bruno afonso Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm getting these freezes just during normal web browsing or even during boot. I was running memtestosx for 30 min and then rebooted. It froze while showing the desktop...

    It's totally random it seems. I've gotten it while watching youtube or while doing word processing.

    I'm disappointed with all the issues these mbp have.
  • 147. Re: Random Freezing
    fishbert Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I reject the notion that I, as someone who experiences frequent lockups with 4 GB of what otherwise appears to be perfectly compatible RAM (i.e., it lines up with what Apple says the laptop should work with and comes from a major memory supplier, Crucial), should give Apple even more money for this problem to go away by paying them to upgrade the RAM.

    Nor do I have any interest in playing data loss russian roulette, trying to find the one or two magical memory suppliers whose products don't give this laptop's chipset frequent lockup indigestion.

    If you make a product that you say takes a certain kind of RAM, then you should make sure that it **** well takes that certain kind of RAM. Especially if you are asking your customers to drop $2k+ on your product while in the middle of a huge recession. I love the construction of these new unibody laptops, but the **** thing is more picky than a 3-year-old with green beans on their plate!
  • 148. Re: Random Freezing
    kaispreis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm also having the random crashes... I looked in Hardware Monitor and it also came up the my System Board is Version: Proto If this means that the board is a prototype and the newer MBP has a different version, it would serve as solid ground to demand a replacement. People who have newer models should run the free version of Hardware Monitor and see what version their System Board is: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/16609

    Let us know...
  • 149. Re: Random Freezing
    bruno afonso Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Just to state my system info, it has 4gig bought by a reputable vendor. It's a 2.4gig and also says Proto in the version of the System Board.

    I could go back to 2gig to see if I keep getting the resets.. but there's no reproducible way for me to get it to crash as I've never even crashed it during intensive cpu or gpu applications. I haven't done much gpu stuff too lately. What would be a good stress test for the gpu using OS X?
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