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The cable on my current one is becoming exposed, will I be able to get a replacement from my warranty or will I have to buy a new one?

2GHz 13inc MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    That's really hard to say. See my FAQ*:


    And see if you have been doing everything possible to avoid it from happening.
    If you have, you have a good argument when calling AppleCare.

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    Sounds familiar - After 2 yrs failing to train my dog to limbo under the power cord the inevitable happened and the original grossly underdesigned "strain relief" at the magsafe end failed.

    After some lengthy and tedious run-a-rounds thru my local Apple Servicer I eventually got a replacement from Apple Care UK posted direct to me.

    If the link below works....


    ...then you should see the top cable with a noticeably shorter "strain relief" than the lower newer replacement. If the length on your cable SR is less than 0.25 inch and you haven't been practising the hammer throw with it at the highland games then you probably have a reasonable justification for a warranty repair.

    Now if your still in Warranty and depending on how far you are from your nearest Apple Service/Repairer you might want to check:

    1. Whether they have a replacement Pwr adapter in stock (mine insisted they don't keep them!?! but only after 24 hrs delay while - )
    2. they take your defective item for analysis.
    3. that their database confirms your unit serial number is still in warranty (mine insisted that they didn't have Apple Care registered to me- but only after keeping me waiting for 24 hrs!)

    Alternatively if you have Apple Care it might be more convenient to ring them and they'll send you one on Self Repair..... but do check whether they want the old one returned as they requested me to return mine but when I received the replacement the accompanying documentation specifically stated not to return the defective unit!!!
    (A keen observer will note the that from the bold font on the letter in the picture)

    Which then demonstrates the final exasperation with Apple because there doesn't appear to be any UK email address to contact Apple Care?

    Anyway - good luck with yours....