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Ok so already we're at 5.5 and still running OS X behind a proxy turns your mac into a cheese greater - don't even think about enabling your idisk, once it's switched on these three puppies fire up and gobble 100% of both cores.

To actually get any work done you need to manually kill the processes (which works for about 10 minutes before they realise and re-start.

Don't think about accessing the mobile me preferences pane to turn it back off - you won't be able to... accessing it causes the processes to re-initialise and wait for ever... crashing system preferences in the process.

Come on apple - this issue was reported as soon as you "fixed" the memory issue in 10.5.1

I don't want to get to work and feel like throwing my mac out of a window. (although it would probably glide nicely...)

Surely i'm not alone in this suffering? I've read a load of locked threads, old articles with suggested solutions and as-yet nothing has worked.

*pulls hair out in frustration*

Pick One..., Mac OS X (10.5)