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I have imported approx 400 pics for a slideshow I want to put together. My default time for each photo is 3 secs. Default transition time is 2 secs. When I go to make individual adjustments to particular photos or transitions, Imovie seems to adjust the overall time of the show as well as adjust photos before and after the clip in question. So if my first photo is 3secs, then 2 sec transition, then 3 sec photo, and I adjust the transition to 1.5 it shortens or lengthens the photos accordingly. Why? I don't want it to do that. If I am trying to match photos to music and I have to adjust particular photos for a certain effect, I don't want other elements changing. Is there a fix to this?

Im using I Movie for the control. I've tried Iphoto, can't control what i want there. I movie seems like the solution.

Imac24, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    A couple of tips:
    1) Check your iMovie Preferences and make sure the "Display Timecodes" is checked. Without this, the closest you can adjust time is to the nearest 10th of 1 second. With Timecodes on, you can adjust to the exact frame.
    2) With Timecodes turned on, 2:15 means 2 seconds and 15 frames. If you are using NTSC (30 frames per second), that is equivalent to 2 and 1/2 seconds.
    3) The longest a transition can be is roughly one half the length of the shortest photo or video clip being joined. If you have a 3 second photo, with 1 1/2 second transitions before and after, all you will see is a transition. There will only be a fraction of a second when the photo flashes on the screen.
    4) Therefore, it is best to keep transitions to 15 frames (or 1/2 second) or so. This way you will have a series of 3 second images, but the last fifteen frames of the first image and the first fifteen frames of the second image will form the transition. So you have roughly 30 frames of transition and 2 seconds of full photo per 3 second photo.
    5) If you want to match photos exactly to music, you may want to try no transitions at all. This way, you can start a new photo precisely on the beat you want.
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    Thank you this is helpful. However if that is so, why does Imovie change other clips after I adjust a clip? It automatically adjusts the the transition before, sometimes after the photo I'm working on? I can set up my defaults to say 3 secs per clip and 2:15 for each transition and when I import the photos they all have that, but then when I go to make individual adjustments it alters several other clips at the same time. I want each clip to be left alone. I only want to the photo Im working on to change. Nothing else. Am I crazy?
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    This will happen if your transition is longer than half the length of the clips before or after the transition.
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    Thank you. I think I finally 'get it'.