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Issue: My computer has been running slow and now I have been having issues with the applications. I will launch an application (such as Firefox or Mail) and it runs fine. I then try to quit the application and the window will close. The application does not completely quit. I can still see it active in the Dock and it appears when I try to Force Quit it. The application will not Force Quit and the wheel begins to spin. If I hold down the power button on the front, turn it off and fire it up again, the application can launch again. The same thing happens again and again.

I have been trying to figure this one out for a week now. I Repaired Permissions, ran Disk Warrior & Tech Tools, booted off the install disk and ran Disk Utilities. I am still having the problem. I haven't installed any new software or hardware. Disk Warrior and Tech Tools did not find any problems. I have two drives mirrored with Soft Raid. I also have an external drive that I use Time Machine to back up my files. I have disconnected all external drives while troubleshooting, but have not achieved success yet. I read through some posts here, but didn't find exactly what my situation was. Any ideas?

Power PC G5, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Backup with SuperDuper, run Disk Warrior and apply combo update, then reformat your original (or pop in a new drive) and restore.

    Maybe the partitions themselves that DW etc don't see or touch are an issue, it does happen, and if you have not initialized a drive fully in awhile, might be time to do so.

    Normally that sounds like something DU First Aid would in fact not fix, and not see, and Disk Warrior would - but not for you in this instance.

    Other things to do: delete those /Library/Caches folder (top two, not yours)

    Create a test user account. Even better, change the path to /Users/myaccount to another hard drive (Accounts control panel makes that easy now). Makes it easy to preserve home folders, restore system, and good to go; most problems occur to, and on, the boot drive.

    When you hard restart, the directory and journaling are very likely to become corrupt, and something HFS+ hasn't dealt well with, making matters worse.
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    Thanks for the quick reply! I always get cold feet when it comes to reformatting the drive and reinstalling the OS. I have Super Duper. I would need to reformat both drives, as I have them mirrored, correct? I usually get nervous as I have so many applications, plugins and settings on my current setup. I have done it before, and it seems to take a long time getting them all back installed. I have three users on this G5, and the issue happens with every user.

    When you say delete the Cache folders (top two, not yours) what does that mean? Are you talking about the "com.apple.ATS" and the "com.apple.SoftwareUpdate" folders?

    I have never tried the Restore. How does that work?

    Thanks again for the assistance! Invaluable.
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    Delete these guys:


    no harm.

    If you do a full backup with SD, why not restore it then to another location? test the water so to speak.

    Yes, if you have a mirror you would have to redo. SoftRAID is easy to deal with, and you can have 2 or even 3 drive mirror (with stripped reads). I rebuild RAIDs frequently, anytime there is a major change to OS (10.4.4 was just such a change, too, along with 10.5.0, .2, not just major point numbers)

    Restore with SuperDuper should be identical to how things were configured.

    Always keep two backup sets.
    Have a TEST system for sure.

    SD runs as sudo administrator so every user's account should backup and restore properly. Double check your settings. This is not reinstall.

    Practice trial run. Never do a "live test" if you don't want to face the music.
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    This has been happening with me for years, and over multiple Macs. Apple needs to address this. If you search these forums for "Force quit won't respond" or "application won't close" you'll find the same problem over and over again. And this wouldn't be such a big deal if you could only shut down or restart normally when the Application gets in this state. It is so frustrating to read "Restart failed because whatever-program won't close". Seriously, Apple, how hard is it to program some kind of super force quit, or kill all when you restart?

    My suggestion is live with it. I've tried EVERYTHING these forums have suggested. I'm always back.
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    Maybe you should send feedback. When someone says they have a problem and tried everything suggested on these forums.... boy, that is a LOT of differing and conflicting opinions!!

    Me, I test RAM, hard drive, buy new hard drive, fresh install after torture testing drive. And avoid any OS or application for six months until I feel it is proven, tested, and out of "final candidate." Even Vista betas can be more stable (maybe NTFS has a leg up on HFS?). But then it gets months of public beta; largest audience; has to work on a large range of hardware.

    But even Vista can be hard pressed to force quit or get out of run-away process.

    The only times it happened for me, I had to:

    run Disk Warrior
    finally reinstall the OS when 10.5.2 came out (from scratch, reformat) and found some of the new "syncservices" folder files were really a mess, a ball of wax if you will.