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My wife has gotten me a 32g iPod Touch to replace my 32g iPod Photo because of all the new things it can do with functions and apps.

Being a designer/artist and a long time user of Apple gear. I love my iPod Photo that holds all 500+ cds of my music but I don't have one photo in it, in fact I never saw the reason why anyone would want their photos on this small device but I do like having the album art in color. I even have a direct hardwire connection to my BOSE stereo in my car that sounds GREAT.

So she gets me this Touch since I use my ipod daily and I am looking at the apps installed and don't see any use in ANY of them even the maps app is useless as it requires a wi-fi connection and then it going to be on this small screen, besides I use turn by turn navigation so maps would never be used. And I really don't understand why would anyone consider using this small device to try and browse the internet? Is it just because they can and that makes it useful?

So I go to the Apple site to see all these apps for it and after reviewing them I don't find one useful one worth having? they ALL seem to be toys/games even the ones under utilities like a Mobile Astronomer, World of Warcraft portal (another game app), iSkyGaze, etc...these are utilities? there toys.

The iPod Touch still looks like a great device for music but all the other stuff looks like kids stuff with the videos and games. Is there any REAL functionality to this device for anyone above the age of 15? Can anyone open my eyes to some useful functions of the iPod Touch for an adult?

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    Out here in California, we have open Wi-Fi connections at most coffee shops and restaurants. Many of my colleagues have the iPhone or an iPod Touch to stay connected to their personal email (non-work related user email). That's a huge plus with the iPod Touch/iPhone.

    As a contact manager goes, the iPod/iPhone is great, carrying contacts I've collected over the past decade. One can send emails when connected to Wi-Fi to anyone on the list.

    Also, some of the apps are very entertaining; great for killing time waiting in line at the bank or post office. My bank is next door to Panera Bread, which has a free Wi-Fi signal. When I carry the iPod Touch, I can connect and watch TV on Joost, which is a great way to spend ten minutes.

    My wife and I travel a lot, and she carries the iPod Touch while I carry my iPhone 3G... We watch movies in flight, listening to our respective music libraries, etc.

    We have a large house with an entertainment system that is connected to a Mac Mini. Using the Remote app, I'm able to control iTunes on the Mac and set up different playlists to hear from anywhere in the house... even out back on the deck or around the pool.

    These devices aren't intended to save the world or cure a disease, but they are handy information appliances and an entertaining diversion when one needs one the most.
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    Did I also mention the ability to download music from iTunes directly to the Touch? It's a great way to update one's music collection when one is, say, traveling overseas...
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    This is a great little device . I'm 40 and I use my touch for everything .I use the wi-fi all the time ,and in this day and age you can find wi-fi almost anywhere . Do you own a cell phone that has internet access ( which almost all cells do) ? If so and if you use it , I don't see the difference . I use it when out shopping and if I find something I want to buy , I can get get on line and check other stores to see if I can get it cheaper somewhere else , to see what movies are playing at my local theater and watch previews to aid myself and the wife as to which movie we may want to watch . I check my e-mail when out .

    I use the calendar to keep all my appointments . I use the "Notes" for quick notes , reminders ,things to do and shopping lists . I use the contact for all my phone #'s , e-mail addresses and regular addresses .

    I use it to play games while waiting to see the doctor , waiting in line at the bank etc; etc; , it's a great way to kill time . I keep most all of my digital pictures on it , which is better than printing them out or just keeping them on my computer , I can take my pictures with me everywhere I go.

    The list goes on as to what an "adult " can use the iPod Touch for .

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    I'm 46 and, at least most of the time, pass for an adult. I use my Touch to listen to music on my commute, listen to the podcasts of my favorite NPR shows that I'm never near a radio to listen to. When I'm traveling, it's great for email and, yes, even web browsing and is so much more portable than a lap top. I keep my photos on it. It's certainly easier than pulling the dog earred copies out of a wallet. I download crossword puzzles, especially the New York times as I only have Sunday subscription. This afternoon, before I head off for the gym, I'll download the latest Podrunner podcast to listen to during my workout. And yes, I'm addicted to Spore Origins.

    I have a seventy-year old friend who just bought one to take on an around the world trip so he can keep up with his email but keep the weight of his luggage down.

    It's not a kid/adult thing. It's just that different people have different needs which is why there is a range of iPods. But, I've owned iPods since the very first 5 gig brick and this is far and away my favorite. Your mileage may vary.
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    I do not think that the Touch is just for kids. Of course, I use my Touch for its original purpose as a music and video player.

    One of the major reasons that I bought the Touch was for its wi-fi capability. I travel a lot and prefer not to both taking a laptop with me. The Touch is ideal for email, stock info, sports scores, and the daily news (CNN, NY Times, and USA Today). I have used it in hotels, both in the U.S. and abroad and on cruise ships. When I travel, I enter all the info for airline hotel reservations, bookmarks to sites relevant to our destination, and emergency contacts. I also enter calendar info for our itinerary. Of course, I also use the Touch for movies and music on long flights.

    Even at home, I find that I frequently use the Touch's wi-fi capability when I am not near my main computer.

    Apps for "grown ups" that I use are Remote (for accessing my iTunes library) Google, Wikipanion, USA Today, the Weather Channel, SportsTap, Air Sharing, and various language translators.

    I am well above the age of 15!
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    i use mine for flickr
    facebook joost google earth
    remote fring wikipidia

    if that makes me a big old teen
    i am not the person to judge
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    Good thread. I'm 63 and primarily use it for all my music from "my day", along with pics of the individual records, which I copied off ebay listings. I enjoy staying up with the technology. The apps have only been out for five months and show alot of promise. I have been enjoying the Salvation Army app....Christmas music.
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    I have been using HanDBase on a Palm T3 for years. I received a Touch as a Christmas surprise, and will be trying the new iPhone/Touch version of HanDBase. It's an application which allows you to create your own databases, with whatever fields you want.

    I have databases for my medical records, my collection of needlework books (so I don't buy a duplicate at the used book store), my magazine subscriptions and when they REALLY expire, restaurants, and many more. The Palm version has a better Mac desktop interface, but they're working on one for the iPhone.

    I'm older than anyone who's posted so far.

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    So, I'm curious... have you gotten HanDBase yet? Were you able to transfer over your Palm T3 databases? Did you have to buy the additional desktop program to do that?

    Any insights would be appreciated!

    I, too, am older than a teen and have found phenomenal uses for the IPT-- weather forecasts, NPR broadcasts, todo, calendar, games, MPG graphing, web surfin', having the Constitution and the complete works of Shakespeare with me, ebook reading (Stanza is just incredible), etc.