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Recently, I was cleaning up a PowerBook G4.
I removed a number of Applications for which the user had no use and some no license.
In the course of cleaning up the system for the user, I came across PACESupport, an Anti-Piracy Application. It was actually running a process shown by Activity Monitor. Unfortunately, I was unable to ascertain what other application it related to.
I entered into a dialog with PACE Technical Support and they politely identified a log file that I sent to them and they interpreted. They told me that the related application was NIKON Capture and had last been used in 2005. They also provided a link to a URL from which I was able to download their latest version of their Anti-Piracy software which also contained an uninstaller. I ran it and it worked without problem.

For anyone else that runs across PACESupport and wants to know what it is and the best way to remove it, I suggest you work with PACE Technical Support, they are polite, informative and responsive.

powerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.7), lots