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*Hey guys just wondered if you could help me.*

*My I-Pod Nano has been working fine until today, i charged it up a day or 2 ago and my battery has been fine it was green before the problem and is green at the moment when i connect it to a charger. However an image of a battery and caution sign has appeared along with 'connect to power'?*

*It won't turn on, until i connect it to the charger and works fine once connected the only other thing is that it shows the battery is charged?*

*Any ideas?*


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    Hmm, sounds like something is getting a little frozen up there. Have you tried resetting your iPod a couple of times? Press the MENU and center buttons down together for several seconds while connected to to your computer. Your iPod will show the Apple logo as it restarts. Try this when it's not connected to your computer/charger, as well.

    See if that helps your iPod - post back.
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    My iPod is having the same problem with charging, but when I try to reset it, the "Connect to Power" screen comes up after a few seconds. This screen then flashes out after two seconds. The Apple screen that usually comes up during the reset doesn't come, and when I connect it to the computer, it switches from the "Connected" screen to the "Connect to Power" screen every so often. It shows up on iTunes and I can listen to music while it's plugged into my charger.
    Do you have any other suggestions? I don't know what made my iPod do this all of a sudden; I've had it for more than a year and never had this problem.