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My HP 3055 Printer worked this morning using a generic driver but now using the correct HP 3055 all-in-one driver (for Leopard) I get this message - Printer busy (status:0xe00002e9) Connecting.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Mac Book Pro 2.0GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    You say that you're now using the correct PPD. Did you delete the printer and re-add it with the new PPD? If not, you should try that.

    Also, turning the printer on and off, then creating the printer with the correct PPD may work.
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    No, but if you get it to print let us know how...

    I was asked to get a student's UniBody MacBook to print to this printer (3055) via network TCP/IP connection. Nothing.

    I can Ping the printer's IP and it sees it.

    I can open the printer's IP address in my browser and it sees the control panel

    Using the printer's control panel I can run service, do prints from the printer that originate at the printer (reports etc.)

    I have tried Gutenprint 5.2.3, HP's latest driver from HP.com as well as Generic Postscript printer.

    When I downloaded the entire software package (HP Laserjet AiO installer)and start the install it ran thru everything said it was fine and asked to reboot.

    After rebooting, it then wanted to finish the setup and it asked for USB or Network, when I press the network button then create, it asked for an IP address. After entering the IP address, it 'searches' for a min or so and then says;

    The network address you entered is invalid or your device is unsupported or is unavailable. Please correct the problem and try again.

    Even though I have both the Ping window open and showing before the install and after the install connection. And the browser window showing before the install and after the install connection to the browser.

    I updated the Firmware from 20060321 to 20070331 in hopes that some bug got fixed to let the MacBook connect via Network. Nope.

    I put my UniBody MacBook 2.4 next to a Vista Laptop and ran both installers and the Vista laptop printed just fine, so no network issues, no printer issues. Only Driver issues.

    The student can print using the USB cable so it is not an issue with the 'local' driver, only the network driver.

    The next step is to have the PC in the office share the printer and see if that will work, however, all laptops are on the wireless network and it will probably not see the local PCs shared printer. (University setup)

    When go to the printer's Queue and ask it to print 'testprint.ps'.

    the queue says;

    *Attempting to connect to host 128.xxx.xxx.xxx for printer*

    and then tosses up the yellow exclamation point and says;

    *Unable to connect to printer; will retry in 30 seconds...*

    And I am still connected to the printer via IP Brower and Ping still finds the IP address and returns good Pings...
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    Neither of you said this specifically, so I ask -
    Did you Add the printer in Print & Fax using the IP printing > HP Laserjet protocol? Or, if you added using LPD, did you enter the appropriate queue name? - probably raw or ps.
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    I first used the +/- function in Printers and faxes. Then I tried the install version from the HP site, then tried the install disc that came with the printer.

    As far as the queue, I used the default name of ' ' Nothing?

    Just looked and I did choose the LPD instead of the HP direct

    will try again

    2nd Edit:

    Tried the other methods, IPP and HP DirectJet Both failed even quicker !

    Now as soon as I send the test print they immediately come up with an error;

    Connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on port 631...
    Network host "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' is busy will retry in 5... 10... 15... 20... 25... seconds


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    Printer is now online!


    I did the HP Direct - Socket
    then named the queue RAW
    and used the updated HP driver from Software Update by Apple

    I think it worked. But now the office with the printer is locked

    I'll report tomorrow

    Thanks again

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    Hey that's cool thanks. I'd been battling with the printer for hours and decided to give up and try again tomorrow (today). I switched on my Mac / Printer this morning and it seems to have resolved itself. Not sure how or why and if it happens again then I'll revert to this post for help.

    Much appreciated and very useful. Thnks.
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    So to Make the steps - as much as I think I have them

    First thing to do is install the drivers using either the online version or the disc version that came with the printer. I am not sure if this is necessary. So maybe the first thing is to tell your computer you have this printer.

    The reason is, as soon as your computer knows it has the driver for the 30xx printer, you can then do a Apple Software Update and it will find new Apple drivers for your HP printer.

    So after you have either told it you have the printer, or installed as best you can the driver from the Internet/Disc. Remove the Internet/Disc versions of the software as they are no longer needed.

    If you have already installed the printer using Print & Fax - Remove them now.

    1. Install the printer driver.
    2. Run Apple Software Update to obtain the latest Apple HP driver.
    3. Go to Applications/HP Laserjet Software and run the HP Uninstaller.
    4. Go to Print & Fax - Hit the + to add a new printer.
    5. Under Queue choose RAW (do this first it gets grayed out if you don't)
    6. Under Protocol choose HP Jetdirect - Socket (look Queue is now grayed out)
    7. Under Address, enter the IP address of your Network printer
    8. Name it a nice human name.
    9. Enter in the location of the printer if you wish.
    10. Under Print Using: Choose the LAST HP Laserjet 3052 driver. (this should be the new Apple Driver.)
    11. Click the ADD button
    12. It should find the printer and ask you to configure it.
    13. If it is not still open, open System Preferences/Print & Fax and chose your new printer, then click the Open Print Queue... button.
    14. Using the Print Queue, click Printer/Print Test Page.

    You should now have a fancy test page from the printer.

    And using the Print Queue to the right next to the 'jellybean' is the Utility button, if you click that, you should be presented with the Printer's Browser screen.

    That's it!

    I hope that helps others that 'google' around for this issue.

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