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Is there a way to find all 'Unknown Faces'?

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  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (121,655 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 3:03 AM (in response to Andreas Carlsson)
    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback


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  • Mary Glynn Level 2 Level 2 (230 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 5:33 AM (in response to Andreas Carlsson)
    I couldn't find a way either but if you select 3 or so different random, different looking people you weren't going to name and name them "whoever" or something, iPhoto will try to match them and you'll have a lot of the unknown faces in one place.

    Two tips I've found that will at least pear down the number of unknown faces:

    1) When iPhoto has found other potential matches for a particular face, before you accept or reject them, go in and name them. Don't do the accept thing until all you have left is that person and the people you're not going to name.

    2) Save yourself future unknown faces when you open a photo to name people by x'ing away the "unknown face" box of any people you will never name.
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  • pottedmeat Calculating status...
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    Jan 30, 2009 10:42 AM (in response to Andreas Carlsson)
    This is an excellent place to put this, I'll make the suggestion via feedback
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  • eVolt Calculating status...
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    Jan 30, 2009 11:18 AM (in response to Mary Glynn)
    Hey Mary, it looks you have a good tip here, but could you have another shot at explaining it with different words and better explaining the context, what part of the workflow you are in... maybe a step by step from scratch. I am afraid I am trying in a different context than yours.

    Thanks in advance!

    It's one of those things you try to explain the way you see it, but I see things differently and I don't understand all that you mean. I want to try your tip, it sounds interesting...
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  • Old Toad Level 10 Level 10 (113,125 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 11:41 AM (in response to ren*)
    The smart album should be set up with the following criteria:

    Name does not contain - leave field blank

    The smart album will not update immediately. Sometimes it takes closing and re-opening it to do so.

    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier versions) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.

    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger or later), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. There are versions that are compatible with iPhoto 5, 6, 7 and 8 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. Just put the application in the Dock and click on it whenever you want to backup the dB file. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.

    NOTE: iPhoto 8's new option in it's rebuild library window, "Rebuild the iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup" may make this tip obsolete. We'll know when users have occasion to use it and see if that's the case.
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  • eVolt Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 11:53 AM (in response to eVolt)
    It looks like many people are hitting the same point here, getting frustrated that Iphoto has found many faces but won't show them all to you and ask: "Do you know who these people are?"
    Instead, it only shows you suggestions for a particular person! And you know some other people right there, but you cannot name them (unless going manual)! aarrrgghhh!!!!!

    We'll never get to the end of naming all the faces, unless going manually in each picture one by one, and even then, you cannot really avoid going through the pictures where there is nobody left to name. Painful! Which means with 12,000 pictures in just ONE of my multiple libraries that I will never do it!

    This problem is so obvious now that I hope that Apple will fix this soon, but I am afraid that they'll wait for iPhoto '10 (one reason might be to wait on purpose, so they'll have a great feature to sell next year... But no, Apple would not do that, would they?)

    *** So PLEASE, everybody, give direct feedback to Apple. Go the iPhoto menu, then Provide iPhoto Feedback ***

    It brings you to a web page, and only takes 1 or 2 minutes to fill. You have to provide your name and email address.

    A few tips here to increase your chance of being heard:
    1- Most important: focus on only ONE idea for each feedback. Don't task for everything you wish in a single feedback form.
    2- Feedback type: Choose in the menu: "Efficiency/Workflow" rather than "Enhancement Request", or worse "Bug Report"
    3- Write a clear and concise subject line. I suggest:
    "Need Workflow to find ALL unknown detected faces and name them in batches"
    or something like that.
    4- Comments section: Be brief and use an "outline" style of writing, like I am doing right here, "bullet style"
    Maybe state that the issue is very frustrating, because it is! Then explain in your own words, as briefly as possible, the issue at hand and how it would improve the efficiency and how without improvement, users may end up not using the Faces feature.
    5- The questions at the bottom of the feedback form I don't think are important. I think Apple is just trying to get some statistics there. I try to fill it every time though just to make sure my feedback does not filtered out to the bin, I don't know)
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  • eVolt Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 12:10 PM (in response to eVolt)
    Another important (I think) feature that goes hand in hand with the issue here is the following:

    "Provide ability for a face to be classified as "Stranger" and omit it from suggested faces"

    Personally, I have already plenty of faces from pictures of crowds that keep coming up as suggestions. Weeding those people out is essential.

    Please provide feedback to Apple for this separately. It is a standalone feature.

    Note: one may think that all you need to do is to give everybody you don't care about the specific name like "Whoever", but this may be dangerous, depending on how the Faces algorithm works.

    You may end with people you care about looking more like someone in the "Whoever" category than the actual person, and consequently being omitted form the suggestions for that person. Annoying!
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  • Mary Glynn Level 2 Level 2 (230 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 12:19 PM (in response to eVolt)
    No problem, I'll try and explain.

    I go to my photos and select a photo with a person in it that I am not going to name because I either don't know them (someone in the background) or someone I just don't need to have a whole faces file for. Using the faces option I "name" them "whoever".

    I do this two more times with 2 different random people that don't look alike and name them "whoever" too.

    Now, in faces I have a photo file (what ever you call the polaroid looking photo on the cork board), named "whatever" with those three photos in it. Since they don't look alike, faces will try and match their faces and I get a huge amount of photos there. I never match or confirm them, I just look through them and name the ones I know and want to have sorted via faces.

    When I've done all I know I've been canceling out and letting it find some new ones. I might try adding a few more different looking faces to the three and see if faces suggests even more possible "matches". It's probably not all the un-named faces, but I do get a lot in that bunch.

    Does that explain it better?
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  • Mary Glynn Level 2 Level 2 (230 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 12:32 PM (in response to eVolt)
    I use the "whoever" just to get a bunch of un-named faces in one place, making it easier for me to name a bunch of people at the same time.

    The "stranger" idea might be good but why not just get rid of the box around their face? You probably don't need a faces file full of different strangers.

    Along those lines though I am sending feed back though for something similar ... the ability to tag someone without matching them, but that I might want to refer to. Like other students in my daughter's class or school. I don't necessarily want to name them and I don't want faces to try and match them, but a folder of those students might be nice, like "Washington Elementary Student", maybe with the ability to turn those grouped but unmatched tags off so a group shot wouldn't have it written under every kid, but the faces file would hold them all.

    Like all great things it's a work in progress!
    G5 2GHz, 12" PowerBook G4, iMac G5, Lots of iPods, TV, iPhone 3G 16GB, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • BGist Level 2 Level 2 (265 points)
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    Jan 30, 2009 1:16 PM (in response to fmmr)
    I don't exactly know why that approach works, but it certainly does. NIce work around!

    Of course, of the resulting 2,300 pics in that directory, most of them are scenery shots or crowd shots, so it is still going to require some effort.

    Thanks for the insight. This makes my life much, much easier.
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  • cdeptula Calculating status...
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    Jan 30, 2009 5:22 PM (in response to fmmr)
    This approach does work; however, as soon as you tag one face in a photo the photo no longer exists in the smart album.

    So if you are trying to tag a photo with 2 faces, you will only be able to tag the first face using this approach. As soon as you tag the first face the photo is removed from the smart album and iPhoto automatically progresses to the next photo.
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  • Thomas Bosboom Calculating status...
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    Feb 1, 2009 4:35 AM (in response to Mary Glynn)
    How do you name the faces directly in the suggested faces view?
  • Mary Glynn Level 2 Level 2 (230 points)
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    Feb 1, 2009 5:00 AM (in response to Thomas Bosboom)
    Thomas Bosboom wrote:
    How do you name the faces directly in the suggested faces view?

    Yes, and I do this with everyone's potentially matched faces, not just my "whoever" folder. I look at the suggestions and name the people I know before I confirm or reject the photos. As I name the faces they disappear from the suggested faces view. When I do go to confirm faces, all that's left in the suggested faces view is either the person suggested or a stranger ... in the case of my "whoever" folder I never confirm anyone, I just use this folder to get the largest possible number of faces that I can name in one place.
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  • mattearwicker Calculating status...
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    Feb 20, 2009 2:10 AM (in response to Thomas Bosboom)
    Double-click on a picture in the suggested faces view that you recognize. Then click on Name as usual. You can go through as many pics as you like by clicking on the arrows (or using the right cursor). To leave the naming area, click on "done" and then click on the pic to return to all the suggested faces.
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  • mattearwicker Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
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    Feb 20, 2009 2:17 AM (in response to Mary Glynn)
    I understand that iphoto 09 uses these face boxes to position the people appropriately on the page for slideshows, etc. If you delete the boxes, does that affect this positioning?
    Macbook late 2007, Mac OS X (10.5.6)


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