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I notice that the carrier update for AT&T is for the rollout of the new MicroCell product. In everything I read, it supports 3G. Since I am an original iPhone owner, running Edge, would this update be necessary for me, and more importantly, will it make my phone crash? I've read some posts where Edge runs much slower after the update. Thanks!

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    I went ahead and updated the carrier settings on my original iPhone. I'm not sure if it was this update or the 2.2.1 update, but my battery life is SO much better now. The update to 2.0 really helped, but I still could not let it go for 2 days w/o charging it even with low usage (mostly standby). I just purchased a battery extender (3GJuice), but since the 2.2.1 and/or the carrier update, I'm getting 2+ days usage and that is WITH watching a movie and playing some games - usually battery hogs.