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I just plugged in my iPhone 3G this morning to my MacBook Pro, launching iTunes as usual, except this time it says it doesn't know my phone and asks to either setup a new phone, or restore from yesterday's backup, as if it doesn't even know my phone.

My phone appears to be named properly and the same as always in both iTunes and iPhoto, but why would it not be able to identify the same phone it's always been syncing? I've tried restarting the phone, iTunes, changing USB ports, etc. but it still asks to restore from yesterday or start anew.

Anyone else have this issue? It's not that I have a lot that would be lost from yesterday, but I don't want to see this happen on a day where it's important.

Thank in advance!


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 2.2 GHZ Intel, 2 GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM
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    Did you log into the mac as the same user?

    Its odd it could suggest restoring yesterdays backup and still not know the phone. If someone else plugged their iPhone into my computer would it suggest
    restoring my backup onto their phone? Bit of a security issue if it would.

    Did anything else happen to your phone? New sim?
    DID your IMEI number change from what is printed on the box (other users in past threads state that their imei number changed for no obvious reason, something that should never happen).
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    First off, yes...I'm logged into the same mac as the same user...haven't had to reboot the mac in almost a month, even.

    As for the security issue, yes...that IS a bit odd. I should try with my wife's iPhone and see what happens.

    Nothing else has happened to the phone AFAIK. No new sim, no IMEI change that I can tell yet, although I will double check that again.
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    Any solution to this issue folks? I had to swap iphones today at the Apple Store and iTunes on my Macbook Pro now shows the "Let's Get Started with iPhone" everytime I connect it to iTunes.
    I've done a restore on the device (when upgrading to 2.2.1) but same issue.

    Thanks much,

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    Try deauthorizing and reauthorizing the computer in iTunes, and then restore if needed.