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So I've got an HD video camera, iLife '08, FCE-HD and a new-ish iMac (the first release of the new style).

I found a great deal on an external Blu-Ray burner and want to get into making Blu-Rays of what I shoot.

Is there any way, with what I've got, to accomplish this? If not is there any other software I can get to accomplish this?

I searched this and other Mac-related forums and couldn't find anything encouraging...


iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    SDMacuser Level 6 Level 6 (13,585 points)
    Blu-ray is still Not supported on most macs (at least not officially).

    Having said that you may wish to look into Roxio Toast 10 Software and burning a Blu-ray disc since you can really only use Toast 9 or 10 to burn to Blu-ray under the Mac (as of 2/20/09).

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    The best way Ive found to author blu-rays is to use Adobe Encore CS4, export as a blu-ray image file & then burn with Apples disk utility!

    It's expensive, hard work (compared to iDVD) but the end result is fantastic!

    The Roxio Toast option is fine if you want to have basic or no menu's etc., but if you need your blu-ray to look professional, Encore is the only way to go at the moment!
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    SDMacuser Level 6 Level 6 (13,585 points)
    I have not used Adobe Encore CS4 for Blu-ray. Nor Roxio Toast Blu-ray Plugin for that matter. So I have no way of comparing the two.

    But I am curious .... Do you think it might be possible to make HD QuickTimes, output to HD tape formats and then create HD DVDs within DVDSP? (per Jon Chappell's comment in the following thread):


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    Joe Seidler Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)
    I encourage everyone who wants Apple to offer Blu-Ray support, to send Apple feedback at:
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    You want to play your HD video camera recordings on your Blu-Ray player? If you use AVCHD you can!
    Mac now supports AVCHD format. Use Toast to burn a DVD AVCHD and play it on your AVCHD compatible Blu-Ray player, if your BR player is any good it will. (down side; 30 min. Max.)
    I wanted to Burn Blu-rays of longer edited movies, while I waited for apple to allow me to send my Grandma a Blu-ray of my HD wedding video, I , the biggest Apple fan on the face of the world have bought a sony Vaio with Blu-Ray burning capabilities . I could not wait, Grandma certainly could not wait.
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    F. Carl McIvor1 Level 3 Level 3 (510 points)
    All of you may be interested in this link. If you have Toast 10 with the BD plug-in, you can burn HD video onto a regular DVD-R. Apparently it will play on any BD player.