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We just got iLife'09 in hope that some bugs from 08 were fixed, also to get the new features like Faces, Places and what not.

The problem I'm seeing is that the printing features are not as numerous as with iPhoto'06, same problem we had with 08. I'm not seeing options such as Sampler and N-Up. What I liked about iPhoto'06 was that with 4x6 photo paper, I was able to print up 4 separate photos onto one 4x6 sheet with N-Up. Then I would cut them up and have 4 wallet sized photos all "butted" up against each other, with no wasted space, plus the photos all measured 2x3

Anyways, with iPhoto'09 and 08, N-Up printing was disbled. Anything that I try to get 4 photos onto a single 4x6 results in large borders surrounding each photo. or photos with the wrong measurements.

I also read in some blogs some longer way around it, by cropping the photos. The point is, iPhoto 06 made it way easier to do printing jobs without have to strugle and wasting so much paper..

Does anyone knows if there's any other way to get the exact N-up printing result without cropping images. or if Apple is hearing "the people" and will bring this back.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6), iPhoto 09
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    Welcome to the Apple user to user assistance forums

    It appears to me that the '09 print windows are the exact same as the '08

    To tell your opinion to Apple - iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback

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    Hi back everyone.. Just in case you see this post, I found the solution for the problem.

    1. Open the photos you want to print in Preview, all at the same time, by selecting the 4 and dragging them onto Preview's icon
    2. make sure the 4 photos are selected and press cmd + P (to print)
    3. On your printing options, select the paper size, in my case I used 4x6, make sure center image is checked, Scale to fit: fit entire paper
    4. Make sure you select print 4 images per page, in the left side of the print window you'd be able to see a preview of what your print will look like, that's 4 photos, with no space aprox size 3x2.. you have to make sure though all your photos are rotated to landscape (horizontal)
    5. press print.. voila.. you'll get 4 3x2 photos, in one 4x6 paper, with no paper wasted...

    Hope this helps..
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    Thanks for the tip!!!! Very helpful and solved my problem.
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    Thanks. I hope someone at Apple realizes that N-up was really useful and puts it back in.
    I'm glad you followed up for us.
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    I agree- N-Up functionality meant I never upgraded to Version 7 however the features of 09 temted me and this solution is useful but it would be great if we got N-Up back. At school I have left version 6 on because of the lack of this feature
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    They won't unless you report it - iPhoto menu --Provide iPhoto feedback