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I have a TAM (Power Mac) with System Software 7.6.1, and an iMac (OS X Leopard). I'm trying to establish a direct network connection between the two so I can copy a pile of files from the TAM to the iMac.

I've found other topics with partial solutions but they are incomplete. Mainly, they seem to rely on a solution that requires Chooser 7.6.2 on the TAM.

My TAM has Chooser 7.5.5 and there is NO "Server IP Address" button in the AppleShare Select-a-file-server window.

My home network is solid, both computers have valid IP addresses and both can access the internet. How do I get a direct network connection between the two Macs?

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, iMac, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier, Mac OS 7.6.1