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Hi everyone!

I thought I'd provide some feedback after enjoying the new shuffle for the past couple of days.

I've cast aside the included earbuds in favor of Apple's in-ear headphones. For those that may not yet know, these have the same controls as the included set and are absolutely 100% compatible with the new shuffle. The only difference is that there's also a microphone embedded in the remote but this is simply redundant as far as the shuffle goes (it comes into play with the iPhone, iPod touch and the 4th gen Nano).

The benefit that I've discovered to using the in-ear phones with the shuffle are:

1) You still retain full control over all the functions. At the time of this writing, this is the only alternative set of phones that can do this!

2) They do not fall out while jogging, working out, etc. if this is a problem for you with the existing set.

3) The sound is incredibly detailed and thus you can take complete advantage of one of the main features of the new shuffle - the ability to use lossless tracks. These phones can easily deliver all the extra detail that's available by opting to use lossless tracks. While I admire the ability to re-encode your music to 128k/AAC on the fly for use with the shuffle plus the fact that compression technology is very good for what it is, to my ears lossless is enormously superior to 128k, and I prefer to have 10 albums at amazing quality than 50 albums at so-so quality.

4) Sound isolation is superior, so outdoor listening isn't a problem. I've also tested these on a recent flight, and I found that they hold up extremely well - so much so that I no longer use my active noise cancelling headphones.

So basically, I've discovered that the new shuffle paired with the in-ear phones make a formidable combination. If you are not satisfied with the included phones but still want full control over your shuffle...consider them recommended.

I don't work for Apple - just an enthusiastic customer wishing to share his experiences and help others who may be looking for a solution.

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