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When I try to pair my Nokia cell phone (E65) with my new MacBook Pro 15", the bluetooth assistant hangs after the input of the pairing code. I tried another Nokia cell phone in addition (N70), but had the same issue.
When I initiate the pairing by the phone, then the pairing process seems to be successful, but I still cannot use the bluetooth connection with the phone afterwards (e.g. browsing files on it, 3G internet connection). The connection becomes established for a few seconds, but then the phone is being disconnected.
I never had these problems using my old black MacBook. It still works when I try today. So it must be an issue of the new MBP.
I successfully paired the New MBP with my old MB via Bluetooth - could transfer files for example without any problems. Therefore I think that the Bluetooth hardware (Broadcom) seems to work properly.
The MacBook Pro 15" has the Broadcom chipset, while the old black MacBook has the Cambridge Silicon Radio chipset. Maybe there's an incompatibility between Broadcom and Nokia (?)

Any ideas? Thanks!

Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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