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My situation will be this - I currently have the 3G which I will be replacing with the 3GS. I know that I'll just be using the sim it comes with for the activation. My wife is currently using the original iphone but will be taking over my 3G. I believe all we need to do is take the sim out of the original one and use it in the 3G and activate it for her, discarding the sim that I was using with it. This will leave the original phone without a sim. I believe to use it as an ipod with no phone service a sim is required. I read an Apple support article that said to use the last sim that was activated with that phone to do this. However we will have taken that sim to use for her in the 3G.

I happen to have a spare 3G sim at home that was never registered to anyone. It was a new one I picked up from an AT&T store just in case. If a sim is required to activate the old phone as an ipod can I just insert that one and connect it to iTunes?

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