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I am in serious need of help!! My little boy has saved for 5 months to buy his first ipod and now that he has it, I can't download itunes for him. He is devastated. I have a new laptop (HP) with windows vista 32 bit. I don't know much about computers but I did download itunes before on our desk top (now dead!) so I know that it was very easy to do.

I have searched for 4 nights solid to try and get a solution but no joy. Have tried the following;
*installing quick time and itunes separately
*disabling Norton firewall
*trying older versions of itunes

when i try to download, it gets as far as say about 30% then just freezes for ages then times out. I have tried about 20 million times its driving me crazy. Please can anyone help??? I dont know anything very technical or jargony so could you clever people please tell me in plain language??? thanks in advance

HP, Windows Vista
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    Welcome to AD!

    Does the download freeze, or is it the install? I think I read it was the download. Try a different browser such as Firefox. Which may also be a problem DLing, but will give clues.
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    Hi there - thanks for the repy. I did try installing firefox but it didnt work either so I removed it.

    The problem occurs when I start the download - the pop up box comes up with the little world icon showing papers going into the folder and the green bar comes up - then it gets to about half way then just stops - the green bar is still there and the papers are still moving from the world to the folder (sorry I dont know what else to call it!!) but nothing happens. I just leave it and then about 40 minutes or so later it times out.

    what does DLing mean??

    thanks again
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    Oh, too bad it would not DL (download) from Firefox.
    Can you get it to DL from another windows admin account?

    How about from the QuickTime page, will it DL from there?

    You should be getting a pop-up box that asks where you want to save the file.
    Have you turned off pop-up blockers?
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    hi again. Yes I have tried turning off popup blocker. have also downloaded quicktime separately first.

    Havent tried another windows admin account - how would I do that? I am currently "the administrator" of the laptop - is there something else to try?

    I am at work just now and I cant remember if I get asked where I want to save the file - but from memory, i don't think I've ever had that prompt.

    its driving me mad - I dont like to be beaten plus every morning I have to look at my son's expectant face as he emerges from his room and his first question is always "did you manage to get it yet" then tears welling up when I say no - poor baby!! I am so cheesed off with all this. We go on holiday in a week and the whole point was that he could take it with him and listen to music. anyway, sorry - rant over!! and thanks again for taking the time to respond.

    a quick question - do you think if I took it to a computer repair shop they would be able to DL? i don't think i should have to pay but would be willing to sort it out.
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    If the QuickTime DL'd OK, can you run that install? There is an option to DL QT with itunes included. Maybe that would work, since the itunes DL does not.

    When the DL starts, you should get a message to either Run or Save - when you choose Save, it should ask you where you want to save it.

    To try it from another account,
    Create a New User Account
    When troubleshooting a variety of issues, it can be useful to determine if the issue affects a specific Windows user account or all accounts. Follow the steps below to create a new user account in Windows Vista:

    From the Start menu, choose Control Panel.
    Open User Accounts.
    Select Create a new account and follow the instructions to complete the account setup process.
    Once the new account is created, choose Log Off from the Start menu.
    Log into the newly created user account.

    I suppose a PC repair show could do it for you, although it shouldn't be this difficult! See if it works oK in another account. Once installed in the other account, it should be available in all accounts.
    Good luck!
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    thanks again - I will try you suggestions when I get home tonight.

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    hi i have tried all the suggestions for downloading itunes but none of them seem to work is there anything else i can??

    70% is the best its download to average is 25%.
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    I had the very same issue. I'm on Vista 32-bit with IE7. Anyway, the usual Apple update dialog popped up, the other day, at which time I attempted to install the update. At about 30%, it errored out (tried three times). The displayed error was: "Errors occurred while installing the updates. If the problem persists, choose Tools > Download Only and try installing manually." Manually installing files downloaded from IE also failed.

    So, based upon the earlier suggestion to try downloading the exe via FireFox, I was in fact able to download and install the file that way. Not sure why, but at least I got it installed...
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    hi all - just wanted to say thank you to those who kindly offered advice. i did manage to eventually download itunes - what I ended up doing was;
    * remove all partiall loaded versions
    * installed firefox again
    * downloaded quicktime thingy separately
    * disabled norton firewall thingy
    * downloaded itunes

    this is what worked for me - hallelujah, joy all round and one very excited little boy.............THEN............disaster again - the Feckin ipod wouldnt work!!! I kept getting a message saying itunes could not recognise the content of the ipod etc so I then started searching for a solution for this.

    I was raging by this time as it was now 12 days and no joy so I thought "what am I doing wasting time on this??" and I marched it right back to the shop and said I was wasting no more time on the dam thing, give me a refund - so basically they exchanged the ipod for a new one and now............it is working fine, son has music on it and I am constantly telling him..."don't have that turned up too loud"!! - apparently if it is too loud, them I am too old!!

    anyone got a solution for old age????
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    No, but it's good to hear your son got an ipod that works!
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    This is what I did for my kids ipods to control the volume - I don't know what model you have for your son, but I picked up 3 of the 80gb classics relatively cheap. In the settings menu, there is a volume limit with a password. I have set the volume limit on it at about 75% then put a password on it. They didn't like it at first, but I put it to them the same as wearing a helmet when they ride the bike - if you want the ipod, I set the volume. They have grudgingly accepted this rule.
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    I need a solution for old age too, but basically I super PO'd with apple and this post really amused while I continue to dig thru these posts to get my issues fixed!
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    Like the author, I have an HP laptop, running vista on a pretty slow internet connection. An I also had trouble downloading itunes.After reading this thread I did the following:
    Remove Itunes and quicktime
    remove anything by apple
    download Firefox and install
    use firefox to download itunes from quicktime http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

    It still failed, I was watching firefoxe's download popup box when it stoppped with nothing happening for like 5 minutes. There is this little pause button, and a stop button on the popup, so I hit the pause button before it timed out and it turns into a play button so I press that and it starts downloading again. It stopped downlaoding 4 times and I managed to use the same pause/play prosess to keep it going through to the end.
    If you catch the thing before it times out someone else might find this little tweek usefull to help a slow download limp it's way home.
    Itunes works for me now I've downloaded it successfully. Thanks to all these helpfull tips I've read here. thanks.