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I'm using a Jabra JX10 Series II headset with my iPhone 3G and it appears if I have the bluetooth headset connected while connecting my iPhone using the USB cable the iPhone won't show up in iTunes and the iTunes application will go "not responding" for about one minute and then when it finally unfreezes again the iPhone still doesn't show up in iTunes.

However if I DON't have the iPhone connected to the headset it shows up just fine in iTunes on the first try...anyone else seen this?

Intel Core i7 920, Windows Vista, Ultimate 64-bit version
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    I think I'm having a similar problem with the Jawbone 2 headset I just got. I don't think it's related to just iTunes, but any data application.

    I'm able to reproduce this problem as follows:
    1) Turn off 3G
    2) Connect to a wifi network
    3) Connect to a bluetooth headset (Jawbone 2 is what I'm using)
    4) Try to open any web page. It will say a connection doesn't exist. It seems the wifi signal goes to nil if the Bluetooth headset is connected. Not sure why this is occuring.