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After loading installing Windows XP and loading Boot Camp, I am still missing several drivers which I have been unable to find on the OSX or Windows XP CDs. They are the following:

Bluetooth USB Host Controller
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I've tried installing the update to Boot Camp (2.1) but no luck. Anyone have any suggestions? I've scoured the net with no luck.

Windows XP Pro
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    This was NOT a problem in Vista, but under XP, even with a successful install of BootCamp 2.1, I still had to browse to the following location -repeatedly- for several devices, with the SM Bus driver definitely being one of them.

    (Now... by "successful" installation ..... I of course mean that I wasted 6 hours of my life that I'll never get back, because my Leopard disk caused XP to blue screen repeatedly mid-way through installation .... and then the 2.1 update from Apple (which claims to work for an upgrade or a new install) actually only works for an upgrade, and I was forced to download it from somewhere in China and PRAY it wasn't chock full of malware ... )

    That said, I don't know where it is on the Leopard disk, but here's where it was in the media I downloaded and installed successfully:

    C:\Documents and Settings\rob\Desktop\Boot Camp 21 Installer\Boot Camp 2.1 Installer\BOOT CAMP\DRIVERS\INTEL\CHIPSET\ALL

    <--- Hope this gives you some indication of where to search. Pity that I have to resort to downloading this software from China, and then manually browsing for drivers after running their installer ... as you apparently also have to do....


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    **hi sorry im a bit new to this, i am actually a 17 lad on work experiance and i have been set the task of installing windows on my bosses macbook as he knows nothing about them. i am a apple finatic., however my macbook skills have faild when it comes to using windows, i have done all the procedurs and have taken into account your post however i cannot make sense of it and how i can go about installing the missing drivers that the first guy needed. i have tried installing boot camp update, could you help me by posting a link to download or some words of wisdom? thanks**