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When I first installed Windows on my boot camp partition and tried to go back in would boot all the way to the apple logo then it would change to a gray 'no' sign (like the ones in the no smoking signs)and then boot in XP. Taking suggestion from here I rebooted using my OX disk and repaired the Mac partition. I then left it alone as I had no real use at that point in time for the Windows partition. However I recently gained access to a beta test for a new MMO but as per normal there is no Mac version. So I booted up my Windows partition and downloaded away. I go to go back to my OS side and the same thing happens as the first time. In goes the OSX disc, I repair the OSX side but once the repair was through it said no errors found (or that it had nothing to fix, I don't really remember). Booted back up in OS fine. A few days later the beta opened so I switched back to Windows....and then tired to go back to OSX. Aaaaaand it won't boot in OSX again. Am I going to have to 'repair' off the disc every time I want to switch operating systems or is there a way to fix this besides a complete reinstall?
Thanks in adavance for any help.

Mid 2006 iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    are you sure you have an intel imac or a powerpc one. please specify which model
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    The Intel iMac was definitely out in early 2006 and maybe from fall/winter '05. So "mid 2006" pretty much covers that. Not the later Core2Duo but still Intel based.

    There is no way any PPC could run any installer; boot camp; or windows setup.


    It sounds like the Boot Camp 2.0 drivers from the Leopard DVD have not been installed for one thing.

    Never rely on just Apple DU First Aid to repair (or even find) errors; also, do a favor and setup a working bootable backup, and a 2nd that is just a small "emergency OS X" boot partition.

    * What if you hold the OPTION on startup?
    * Does Windows show in System Pref control panel Startup Disk?

    Those should work.

    Zapping PRAM might be the only thing you need to do.

    Systems that were running Tiger like iMac, and Windows, which were then upgraded to Leopard; and, ran Boot Camp 1.x BETA were best of if instead of upgrading/updating to Leopard and Boot Camp 2, reformat the entire drive, not just ERASE the OS X volume -- ie, start over totally, from scratch format and fresh install of OS X and then Windows (you could image and backup Windows and save having to reinstall).
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    1> The Mid 2006 iMac is acutally my old one, and I never had problems with Boot Camp on it This is a new model, though as it's second hand I'm not sure exactly how old.
    2> I did install the Boot Camp drivers when I first did the Windows install. Now when I finally went back into Windows and was putting the disc back in to 'repair' my OSX side it reinstalled the Boot Camp drivers, so it seems for some reason it ignored the fact I installed them the first time or lost them some how. But yes I double checked and all the drivers are there.
    3> I don't know about holding option on start up, but the both the Windows and the OSX partitions show up in the Boot Camp system panel as Start Up Disks no matter if I'm in Windows or OSX.
    4>What is zapping PRAM, and how do I go about doing that?
    5>If it comes to fulling wiping and reformatting, could I make a back up of my OSX side on Time Machine and reinstall that way? Just reinstalling and re-patching World of Warcraft is enough to make me shy away from doing this, I'm not that desperate for Windows
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    Try the PRAM procedure first.

    With the computer turned off:
    1) Hold down CommandOption+PR simultaneously. Do not release the keys.
    2) Turn on the power while still holding those four keys. Do not release them.
    3) The computer will reboot itself constantly until you release the keys. I finally let the keys go after I've heard the chime three times.

    (Opinions vary widely on how many times it's appropriate to do that)

    Before you nuke anything I'd go into Disk Utility from the Leopard DVD, and click your startup volume. Down at the bottom somewhere it will list some properties, including the disk partitioning scheme... does this say "MBR", "Apple Partition Map", or "GUID/EFI" ???

    (... If it says MBR or Apple Partition Map, then yeah, you have no choice but to repartition the disk or deal with bootcamp idiosyncracies. Sometimes people select the other options during install. An intel mac WILL boot a PPC volume with an apple partition mac, but bootcamp does not play nicely with it at all.)

    If it was EFI/GUID all along and the PRAM didn't work, I won't say that you're guaranteed to fail if you simply use the Boot Camp Assistant to delete / recreate / reinstall Windows.... But if you're going to waste two hours trying, the hatter's got it right: Back up your OSX volume, format the entire disk (0 partitions), and restore your volume to a newly created OSX partition.

    Time Capsule works fine. I personally prefer using Disk Utility to save my OSX partition to a .dmg on an external HDD .. I verify I can mount it and that everythings in the DMG before I nuke the disk ... then restore from the .dmg after the format.......
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    Thanks for the response. I will try the PRAM and check the disk partition scheme. And thanks for the tip on backing up OSX. Although I think I just found the idiosyncracy for my Boot Camp. If I try to restart in OSX from the little boot camp icon in Windows I get this problem. If I shut down the computer and then turn in back on I still get the little no sign and end up in Windows. NOW, if I shut down the computer and walk away for at least 2 hours and then turn in back on I end up in OSX..... So I think I'll deal with that if it turns out I need to do a full reinstall lol, I don't normally need to switch back and forth right away.
    Thanks again^^
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    Sounds like you are getting a kernel panice, and not a BSOD on booting Windows.

    Try the PRAM/NVRAM reset. And SMC Reset applicable for your Mac, like leaving it unplugged for 20 minutes with all the cables and power disconnected.

    Holding "X" on startup should take the system into OS X, too.

    And run Disk Repair for OS X - you will need to do so booted from another hard drive with OS X, or your DVD. In theory a Safe Boot should check the disk structure. But it could require 3rd party (Disk Warrior), or mean HFS+ journal is damaged.

    What it sounds like, and why use PRAM/NVRAM (cold boot) is it is suppose to write the default boot device ID to NVRAM and that is failing, and NVRAM can become corrupt.
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    Well, I tried those and nothing worked...still the same issues. So I broke down Sunday night and Monday I started my complete reinstall. Reformatted, installed OSX. Partitioned with Boot Camp (made the partition bigger this time, 60gb insted of 32gb, don't know if this makes a difference). Installed XP, installed the Boot Camp drivers. Restarted as per Boot Camp, XP restarted, clicked on the Boot Camp icon, restart in OSX....aaaaaand little 'NO' sign again.
    All that for nothing, I still have the same problem.
    I HATE Windows.
    As far as I can tell my Windows side has a gold fish memory when it comes to boot camp drivers. I have to 'repair' the installation when I want to go back to the Mac side. But when the repair is done it just says finished installing boot camp drivers, not finished repairing (not sure if it should but you'd think..) then when I choose to restart the computer it ends up in OSX.
    Am I at the point I should just take it in to Genius Bar?
    Thanks again for any help.
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    I would ditch XP and download Windows 7 RC 32-bit if you have fast broadband.

    Maybe break down and buy one of Windows Vista Inside Out; Windows Annoyances (dispite title, really good); Windows Vista Admin Pocket Consultant (MS Press) also good.

    Not all XP CDs are the same. And SP3 you are best off with NTFS.

    Windows on Mac is not really like Windows on fully native BIOS hardware. Almost 3 yrs with Windows after never using it and hearing conflicting claims, I now have two PCs and Mac Pro with KVM all running Windows 7 (Mac also runs Leopard on its own hard drive); and, plan to add a Windows Home Server once the next SP is out to add Win7 support.

    One of the PCs I built can also boot from USB or from eSATA native ports on it. Intel really knows how to build a first class board and BIOS.

    You or XP overwrote the EFI or GPT partitions (200MB and 128MB) or the entire drive. Some XP CDs do that. Did it stop and ask WHERE or stop and let you choose the target destination volume? which also has to be deleted and a new NTFS partition created.

    Windows on a Mac is only as good as XP CD, but also, as Boot Camp Assistant. And I guess they are holding off for what? 10.6? give people a new reason and feature to upgrade?
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    1> never ever ever going to use Vista, had to deal with it/troubleshoot it on my mother's computer. Not a fan.
    2> The partition for XP was formatted for NTFS (the full, not the quick version)
    3> The XP disc I'm using only goes to SP2. Would dl'ing SP3 (if I can) work/make a difference?
    4> The disc of XP i'm using I used on my previous iMac to run Boot Camp and never had ANY issues at all.
    5>How would I go about dl'ing and installing Windows 7?

    This is all just very frustrating as I used all the same discs and what not on my previous iMac and it all worked flawlessly.
    I suppose it's time to give 7 a try...