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Does anyone have any do's and dont's about installing Windows XP Pro on a 20" IMAC (OS X 10.5.7) via Boot Camp. All I want to have on the partition is Quickbooks Pro 2009, Anti Virus Program and possibly PC version of Office,

Mac OS X (10.5.7), 20" IMAC
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    Have you tried emulation software, such as Parallels or VMFusion? None of the programs you list are overly intensive, so you may be able to get them working fine in an emulator--which means you wouldn't have to restart the machine to use those programs. Both of the programs I listed offer free trials.

    Additionally, there's a few free options that are similar to MS Office that work on the Mac. NeoOffice & OpenOffice are the first that come to mind.

    If you do choose to go with BootCamp, here's some pointers:
    1) Get your data backed up at least once before you do anything
    2) Only use the BootCamp Assistant to partition the drive and/or delete the partition
    3) Go for free anti-virus, such as AVG Free. It does the job just fine.
    4) Make sure you follow the BootCamp instructions carefully--if you don't, you'll find that your OS X partition mysteriously vanishes.

    Good luck!

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    I did try VM Fusion. Too many problems running Quickbooks Pro under VM Fusion. Then I found out that Intuit (makers of Quickbooks), only supports running their product under Boot Camp. I even tried the Mac version of Quickbooks. That was a joke. There is just so much missing from the Mac version. I even tried Accountedge for the Mac and that does not do what i need to run my business. It sounds like there is too many ifs ands or buts in running Boot Camp. Right now I'm using a PC based laptop to run Quickbooks. I think to be safe Im just going to purchase a desktop PC based machine just to run Quickbooks.
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    Some people run Windows exclusively on Mac - including Vista and 7 - on MacBook Air/Pro and iMac.

    The iMac doesn't officially support 64-bit - that is it.

    Boot Camp adds motherboard support.
    Boot Camp Assistant adds a Master Boot Record partition table entry to allow Windows to install, just a partition manager.

    I wasn't aware of all the hoops and trouble with virtual machine support and Intuit (but not totally surprised, though I think it is iffy and due to their poor design and programming - VMs are used to host server operating systems and web services).

    Don't jump out of a plane without a parachute; don't use computers without backups.

    A lot though could be done to make Windows on Mac better.
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    If you're using TCP/IP printing, then Quickbooks 2009 works fine in a VM.

    If you have some garbage like a USB-to-parallel adapter, then Intuit will happily walk you through deleting and re-adding your printers several times a month, before they'd ever try to support you with I/O passthrough for a local printer.

    (There's too many variables, i.e.: ESX supports parallel passthrough, VMWare Workstation supports USB passthrough, while esxi supported neither last time I checked... I'm not sure sometimes if Intuit can even support their own products.....)
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    I did go the Boot Camp route. Quickbooks works pretty good this way. I did set up Windows XP in FAT32 mode. I would like to change that to NTFS. You can do that at the DOS prompt by typing convert C:/fs:ntfs. When I type that I got a warning that the volume needs to be dismounted first, then all open handles to this volume would be invalid. In english....what does that mean? Has anyone tried this, or do I have to start all over again. Does Windows suck or what.