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Any advice about Craigslist purchases? Thinking about buying for my sons and some prices I've seen seem much better than ebay.
Thinking maybe base 15"MBP

Imac X2; uMBP15; MBP15, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Use Craigslist at own risk. I prefer ebay any day. Using Paypal or credit card is safer than buying from some unknown person on Craigslist. Ebay is much safer.
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    You think ebay/paypal is safe???

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    I've bought/sold a few MacBook/MacBook Pros via Craiglist ads and here are my "rules" that so far have worked every time:

    1.) Payment is always made in cash, non sequential 20s.

    2.) We meet at an Apple Retail Store (I've always had the luxury of having two near me)

    3.) I "block" out 1-hour at the Genius Bar (three, sequential, 20-minute appointments) where the Mac Genius will perform a basic diagnostic of the machine and provide any feedback, repair history, service history, on the unit. Think of it like a Car Fax report. We go over warranty status, etc. Every computer I've sold has Applecare on it and always has at least 6 months of coverage left on it (often times much more).

    4.) Payment is made 50% "up front" outside of the store when they examine the machine, power it on, etc. The remaining 50% is made after the clean bill of health... again outside the store. I never "flash" the money inside the store or do any transactions or discussion of transactions inside the store (I feel that to be rude, unprofessional, borderline solicitation).

    5.) I give my email address and Skype phone # to buyer (or request email & phone from the seller). I never ask or give out any personal information like mailing address.

    6.) If the purchase is accepted the information registered to the machine is changed at the time of the Genius Bar appointment. This way it's now properly registered to the customer and they don't need to know all of my personal information. If the machine has Applecare, I send the ownership transfer email right in front of the customer from one of the machines in the store.

    It's worked great for me, this method, for the two years I've been using Craiglist. It ensures a level of trust for the buyer and the seller. It deters would be fraud situations and it ensure that the buyer of my product won't come after me because I sold them a lemon or a computer with problems. I've been in the store enough to where I've established a good relationship with the Genius Bar people and I've informed of what I do and none of them have ever minded, it's always a professional, friendly experience for all parties involved.

    Then, if it all goes well, I always treat the other person (buying or selling) to the option of Jamba Juice or Starbucks on the way out.
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    Great post, Jason.
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    You da man!

    Yeah, I was thinking in person, not sending money to Scamsylvania
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    You are a very rare person. You are a good guy for sure. Wish everyone was that good. I don't even have an Apple store close to me. It's about a 3 hour drive.

    I think ebay is safe...If a seller is a crook you can still get your money back if you used a credit card...so it comes down to personal preference. I was just stating my opinion..no need to flame me.