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Jan 8, 2004

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I'm in the "Best Thai Movie of 2010". Woohoo!

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carl wolf replied to Apple store wouldnt replace my phone because they said a third party had changed the part with the serial number inside my phone, i know for a fact that i did not use a third party to fix my phone, why and how could this of happened?

"During fiscal 2012, Apple sold approximately 125 million iPhones.  Assuming a 1% failure rate, 1.25M iPhones were replaced under the one-yea"

in iPhone Hardware 9 replies
2 days ago
carl wolf replied to Difference between MC506H/A & MC506LL/A

"Yes, you can."

in MacBook Air 6 replies
2 days ago
carl wolf replied to what's the difference between ipad mini and ipad air

"The specifications for all of Apple's products, including the entire iPad family, are available in the Apple Store."

in Using iPad 5 replies
4 days ago
carl wolf replied to lost passcode for his IPAD

"Are you really a "father"?  With your inability to spell, and your overall attitude, it's hard to believe that you're that mature.  Too, thr"

in Using iPad 4 replies
4 days ago
carl wolf replied to HT1212 my phone was stolen. they entered wrong code and disabled it. do  not want to restore and lose my nieces pictures plz help!

"How did you possibly recover your stolen iPhone, undamaged, in less than a day?  That is amazing."

in iPhone in Business and Education 3 replies
4 days ago
carl wolf replied to microsoft office

"Buy, steal, borrow, or rent an optical drive."

in MacBook Pro 2 replies
4 days ago
carl wolf replied to Hands go numb, tingle from trackpad

""I feel the tingling whenever i touch any surfuce area on the laptop and not only the trackpad."   When you plug your computer into the pow"

in MacBook Air 43 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to What is the correct charger W for my mac?

""Original I had was 65" You can buy either the original, or one with a higher wattage."

in MacBook Pro 1 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to Can I replace my black iPhone 5C screen with a white screen?

"You can, but Apple will not."

in iPhone Hardware 1 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to Am I in danger of being poisoned with benzene from my iPhone?

""If some could enlighten me about this matter that would be just priceless." It wouldn't make any difference.  You wouldn't pay attention t"

in iPhone Hardware 18 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to Will any hardware be affected if iphone 5s dropped at waist level?

""Ive dropped my iphone 5s a couple of times" You should learn to treat objects like women - with love and respect."

in Using iPhone 5 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to Is that notebook air comes with built DVD player?

"The Apple website has technical specifications of all products, including the MacBook Pro 11"."

in MacBook Air 5 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to do american apple stores repair indian mac book pro?

"Yes, they do."

in MacBook Pro 4 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to I upgraded my phone to a Galaxy s5 from an iphone 4s but I seem to have a problem receiving messages from iphone users. any ideas on how to fix this?

"Read the Galaxy S5 user's manual."

in Using iPhone 2 replies
5 days ago
carl wolf replied to I traded a guy a brand new tv for his ipad can't get into it because of Apple ID he didn't remove it or password and tried to contact him back his number has been disconnected sounds fishy but it doesn't show stolen what do I do? Apple ID not all there.

"Why didn't you have him remove his Apple ID before you completed the transaction?  It reads as though you stole an iPad, and you made up a s"

in Using iPad 8 replies
6 days ago
carl wolf replied to Apple MagSafe Power Adapter causes USB audio issues

"Was the power adapter equipped with a 3-prong power cord, plugged into a properly-grounded AC outlet?"

in MacBook Pro 2 replies
6 days ago
carl wolf replied to I have got electric shock when i plugged in my Macbook Air, how can i solve it?

"" I used the three-pronged plug provided in the set by Apple." It's necessary for the AC power cord to be plugged into a properly-grounded"

in MacBook Air 5 replies
6 days ago
carl wolf replied to WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date.   how can i solve this problem/

"Update the software."

in MacBook Air 5 replies
6 days ago
carl wolf replied to Hi I got my phone "repaired" recently for a cracked screen I went to Apple because I thought they would deliver a professional service. Turns our they person who did it didn't glue the screen in fully. What should I do?

"Return it to Apple."

in iPhone Hardware 2 replies
1 week ago
carl wolf replied to Please help me , i forgot my apple ID

""I forget my...birthday..." Oh, please."

in Using iPad 11 replies
1 week ago
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